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Slider.js is a slidershows latest web technologies engine build with jQuery and the power of CSS Transitions to perform awesome and efficient effects and the HTML5 Canvas to perform some non trivial transitions.

Items can have a text-caption with links and users can browse it with apagination or using the prev-next links.

Basic features

  • Each slide displays the
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jsMorph is a javaScript multi parameter and element animation, morphing, motion, tweening framework with auto start-position detection, auto unit-conversion, auto time-correction for smoother viewing experience and auto fps-adjustment for best recource savings.

Official Words:

jsMorph is a morphing – motion – tweening framework that knows what you need to do… get going! It’s a nice ensemble of best timing, …

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by Software & Utilities, Technology

Emailology is a website which guide designers and developers to design your emails with the best practices of e-mail design.

The project includes an e-mail boilerplate, that is very well-commented and includes hacks for cross-client compatibility, for starting quickly.

A knowledgebase lists the tips and tricks categorized for each e-mail client. It is the right place for …

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by jQuery, Software & Utilities, Technology

The Slidorion is a great new jQuery plugin built to combine an jquery image slider and jquery accordion. Accompanied by a range of features and effects, the Slidorion a fantastic and slick plugin that is compatible with all browsers.

There are multiple built-in effects (‘fade, slideLeft, overRight, overDown an more..) to be used for transitions.

A combination of an …

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List.js is a cross-browser JavaScript library for improving the functionality of the HTML list element.

Using the library, the lists 7 KB cross-browser native JavaScript that makes your plain HTML lists super flexible, searchable, sortable and filterable. These actions not only include the values of <li> elements but any other elements and tags used inside them.

It equips lists …

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by Software & Utilities, Technology

Foundation is a very impressive and feature-rich framework for quickly prototyping + creating the production code.

The framework is responsive, works smoothly on all major browsers (including mobile) and completely open source.

It has styles for typography, links, lists, forms (with custom radio buttons, select lists and checkboxes), tables and buttons.

There is a 12 column, semi-liquid

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Imagine is an object-oriented PHP library for image processing  and image manipulating.

The library can handle frequently-used operations like resize, crop or applying filters.

A color class helps generating the RGB values of any given color and methods exist for drawing shapes like arc, ellipse, line, pieSlice and more.

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ShareCount is an open source script that count social shares.  The counter sums up the number of sharings of an URL in Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Delicious.

Also, it saves space by providing the ability use each social network’s widget from the same button (that nicely toggles on hover).

The code of the script is pretty straightforward and it …

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by Google, Technology

Google has just launched the long-awaited Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS for mobile and the new Nexus Prime smartphone at a joint Samsung Google Event in Hong Kong Wednesday morning.

Google hasn’t updated its base Android operating system for smartphones since late 2010. It’s high time Google revealed some juicy new software. It is going to do so with Samsung …

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by Apple, Iphone, Technology

Apple iPhone 4S the fastest and amazing new smartphone which has a dual-core A5 CPU, an 8-megapixel still camera, a 1080p video camera, and of course, iOS 5.

Apple acquired voice-recognition application startup Siri and added some voice-to-text features to iOS 4. That option will be beefed up with the iPhone 4S to understand context and allow you to …

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