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Skysa is loaded with many applications like social buttons, translating pages, content aggregating, announcements, polls, chat, games, web chat and more.

As the toolbar is highly-customizable, Bar styles can be as simple as selecting a preset from our many theme and color options, or as fine tuned as you want to match your site just perfectly. Each of our …

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Few months ago i just share with you Mosaiqy jQuery plugin for viewing and zooming photos and images in a Mosaic-like grid interface. The images are displayed inside randomly rotating columns and rows where CSS3 transitions are used for the animations.

And now today i share “Rotating Image Gallery Wheel” created by Joel Besada. 

They are trying …

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Skype has released Skype for iphone and iOS5 devices v3.5.454  that includes bug fixes and improved stability on iOS 5. Skype for iOS 5 is available free for download via App Store link below.
Latest Skype app for iOS is compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G, iPad 2 and iPad.…

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by jQuery, Software & Utilities, Technology

jqPagination is an Awesome jQuery plugin that provides a newer method of pagination for your web site or application.

jqPagination uses an interactive ‘Page 1 of 5’ input that, when selected, allows the user to enter their desired page number.

The plugin will ensure that only valid pages can be selected, a valid request will result in …

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PanoJS3 an interactive JavaScript image zooming and panning a panoramic image stitched together dynamically from smaller tiles. Use  can be used for viewing images that are much larger than the available viewpoint.

Besides the desktop, it also works on mobile browsers with touch interfaces (supports pinch to zoom and pan gestures).

A simple map helps finding out the which part …

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by Software & Utilities, Technology

selfoss is an open source and lightweight web application that can fetch content from any number of sources.

RSS is the content type supported by default, however, with its plugin system, any new source types (log files, e-mails, etc.) can be implemented by adding a single class.

solfoss Features:

  • web based rss reader
  • universal aggregator
  • open source and
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jQuery Mobile touch-optimized web framework for smartphones & tablets now stable with V1.0.  HTML5-based user interface system for all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design.

jQuery Mobile already supports a huge set of mobile browsers, …

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by Software & Utilities, Technology

MyWebSQL is the fast web-based MySQL administration app ultimate desktop replacement for managing your MySQL databases over the web. With interface that works just like your favourite desktop applications, you don’t need to keep switching over webpages to get simple things done. Just login to your database and manage your database as if your are working on your desktop!

MyWebSQL …

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jQuery Transit reaches to the super-smooth CSS3 transformations and transaction for jQuery.

It is a plugin for implementing CSS transitions and transforms, has the same syntax as .animate, supports most of the methods and has the jQuery juice like callbacks, chaining, auto-browser-prefixes and more.

CSS3 Transforms and Transitions Features:

jQuery Transit use for Translate (move),Rotation, Skew, Scale, 3D rotation (Webkit …

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by Apple, Technology

Internet TV in the start was only limited to our PCs, but with time users attached their TV screens to it and smart TV was invented. Smart TVs enable users to operate on a TV that is connected to the internet, at the same time being controlled with a remote. Research showed statistics of a large number of consumers switching …

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