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JavaScript tools and libraries which are very helpful for fast web designing. JavaScript development tools are very handful we are currently selected JavaScript tools, including build tools, helpful libraries, IDE’s, Drag an Drop and js Charts.

JavaScript is an extremely useful scripting language for enhancing user experience and usability. It is becoming more and more popular, as a JavaScript developer, …

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PDF files that are created online usually make use of the server-side languages (and their extensions/libraries for PDF).

jsPDF, a free JavaScript library, doesn’t need any server-side script and cancreate PDF files on the client-side.

It has support for text (styling is possible), drawing shapes and images. Also, the document can be set as landscape and …

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FileDrop is a JavaScript cross-browser class for quickly creating drag & drop and AJAX (multiple) file uploader interfaces.

The class doesn’t require any JavaScript frameworks and works cross-browser, including IE6 (with iFrame fallback).

You may also like:

It has support for multiple file uploads, there are callbacks …

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Flickrshow is a simple JavaScript slideshow for Flickr images.

The JavaScript slideshow doesn’t require any development expertise but, if jQuery is detected, it can function like any other jQuery plugin.

It has the ability to display images of a specific user, set, group, gallery and/or tags.

The number of images to be shown “per page”, autoplay being on/off

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Backbone.Notifier is a powerful UI notifications framework for displaying and controlling UI notifications.

It is built on top of jQuery, Backbone.js + Underscore.js and has many cool features like a 3D module or animations support.

The notifications can be displayed on the top or in the middle, modal notifications exist and it is possible to set custom styles via CSS …

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Chronoline.js is a JavaScript library for creating a chronological graphical timeline of events.

The timeline is is displayed horizontally, list of dates and events, it can generate a graphical representation of schedules, historical events, deadlines, and events placed on it can be any days long and details about the events are shown in a tooltip when hovered.

It …

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WYSIHTML5 is an open source rich text editor, based on HTML5 technology, developed by Xing, that produces non-bloated, valid HTML5 code.

The editor doesn’t rely on any JS framework,  it is lightweight andloads/works pretty fast.

It transforms textarea fields and provides the major stuff including text styles (bold, italic), lists, headers, inserting images or links and …

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Juicebox is a free HTML5 image gallery for creating spectacular galleries very easily.

Galleries build with it works everywhere; desktop, tablet or mobile and handles different screen sizes well (responsive).

Images can be browsed either with keyboard, mouse or touch (swipes) and they can be viewed in full-screen.

Juicebox Lite has a unique feature: a cross-platform (Adobe AIR-based)

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CreateJS is a set of JavaScript libraries & tools for building which can work independently or together for creating HTML5-powered, interactive experiences.

These libraries are designed to work completely independently, or mixed and matched to suit your needs. The CreateJS Suite is comprised of:

Currently, it consists of 4 libraries:

  • EaselJS – for working with HTML5 canvas
  • TweenJS – a
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minjs is a collection of independent JavaScript components, built on jQuery, that aims to accomplish a specific job with lightweight code.

minjs stays out of your way. It does not dictate how you to design your UI. It tries to make no assumptions about the layout of the HTML or CSS it’s running in.

Currently, there are 3 components

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