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jqmPhp is an open source HTML code generator for jQuery mobile framework, the project that aims to simplify using jQuery Mobile with PHP.

jqmPhp is a package of PHP classes that facilitates the creation HTML files for use with jQuery Mobile Framework. All classes in the jqmPhp package can be converted to string and printed with an echo 

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Ratchet is a component library for PHP that provides developers with the tools to create real time, bi-directional applications between clients and servers.

Official Words:

WebSockets are a bi-directional, full-duplex, persistent connection from a web browser to a server. Once a WebSocket connection is established the connection stays open until the client or server decides to close this connection. With …

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Backbone.Notifier is a powerful UI notifications framework for displaying and controlling UI notifications.

It is built on top of jQuery, Backbone.js + Underscore.js and has many cool features like a 3D module or animations support.

The notifications can be displayed on the top or in the middle, modal notifications exist and it is possible to set custom styles via CSS …

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A tablet computer (or a tablet) is a mobile computer, larger than a mobile phone and integrated into a flat touch screen. It is primarily operated by touching the screen rather than using a physical keyboard, much like today’s smart phones. It often uses an onscreen virtual keyboard, a passive stylus pen, or a digital pen.  Tablets can be …

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Opauth is an open source PHP application for login with google, twitter or facebook authentication app that removes the inconsistencies between providers and offers a standardized method for dealing with them.

Opauth as a framework provides a set of API that allows developers to create strategies that work in a predictable manner across PHP frameworks and applications.

Currently, 3 providers …

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Moobile is new mobile application framework built on MooTools.

Currently, it is focused on providing a iOS-like experience on WebKit browsers and comes with many controls like bar, button, image, list, activity indicator, slider and more.

It also has support for transitions like fade, slide, cubic or cover and can display native-like alerts.

Interfaces created with Moobile are fluid, …

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Flow is a mobile & website traffic analytics (visualization) like popular analytics apps Google Analytics. It’s beautiful, it’s fast, and it’s incredibly intuitive displaying real-time data and offering all of this with a slick,impressive and intuitive interface.

Instead of a line graph or a table charts, it displays a diagram of the actual paths people take when …

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Google launched a beta version of Chrome for Android smartphones and tablets Tuesday, delivering a mobile version of the popular desktop web browser after a very long wait. Indeed, both Android and Chrome launched more than three years ago, and users have demanded unification ever since.



  • Browse fast with accelerated page loading, scrolling, and zooming
  • Search and navigate
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The CSS3 Test is a web-based test utility for check CSS3 properties which are supported by the browser being used.

It checks many features like backgrounds/borders, transitions, media queries, fonts, animations and much more.

You may also check:

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Enlight is an open source PHP e-commerce framework, based on Zend and Symphony 2, for creating e-commerce applications easier and faster.

It is built by the experienced e-commerce company Shopware and also powers the base behind their commercial product.

The framework has lots of components that can bring any type of apps to life including: database connection, authentication, form …

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