Powerful Javascript Animation Framework :jsMorph

jsMorph is a javaScript multi parameter and element animation, morphing, motion, tweening framework with auto start-position detection, auto unit-conversion, auto time-correction for smoother viewing experience and auto fps-adjustment for best recource savings.

Official Words:

jsMorph is a morphing – motion – tweening framework that knows what you need to do… get going! It’s a nice ensemble of best timing, fast, smart and resource saving algorithms and convenience.

“Time is precious (so are resources),… timing is the key!
‘Old school’ animation still has its right to exist especially when its so fast, small and handy as jsMorph.


jsMorph Features:

  • individual triggering for single or grouped rendering
  • recycling functionality for less memory usage
  • plenty callback functionality for best control
  • chaining possibility for shorter code
  • use jsMorph to convert units
  • (color*, opacity* and) partial CSS3 support
  • a light weight 2.3KB library that can get you moving

It is only 2.3kbchainable, well-documented (supported with examples) and works pretty fast (with an optimized browser rendering buffer usage).

And, there is a queuing system which allows morphing multiple items.

Requirements: No Requirements
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Website: http://jsmorph.com/
Demo: http://jsmorph.com/demos.html
Download: http://jsmorph.com/download.html

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