Verizon Wireless OS 5.0 for BlackBerry Tour 9630:RUMOR


Verizon Wireless might finally begin rolling out the much awaited OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 on Monday, March 29. It’s not entirely clear at this point which exact version of the platform it will be released. Though according to some leaked information, that may or may not be legitimate, OS might be the version to be rolled out. The upgrade will apparently include the Verizon Wireless Push-to-Talk feature for BlackBerry that Erictric reported on a few days back.

Here is the leaked information:

BlackBerry Tour Software Enhancements Effective Date: 3/29/2010 On the night of 3/29 at 11:59pm, Verizon Wireless introduces a new software update for the BlackBerry Tour smart phone. Users will be able to upgrade their software to version 5.0.0 release 1002 (platform 5.0.0591) to receive new improvements and enhancements.Key Advantages:

  • Camera – Smoother operation in both camera and video applications.
  • Calling – Improved Bluetooth functionality for last number dialed, enhanced functionality for Voice Activated Dialing in both French and English, improved missed call log showing missed Call Waiting calls, and upgraded Call Waiting caller ID and call timer.
  • Messaging – Improved functionality for reading, sending, forwarding, and deleting SMS messages as well as corrected in-box display when in holster.
  • Bluetooth – Improvements in operation when using VZ Navigator
  • Push To Talk – Push To Talk capability Software Availability The software upgrade will first be available to customers on the night of 3/29 at 11:59 pm via the following methods: OTASL (Over The Air Software Loading) OTA User Initiated / Verizon Wireless Network Pushed Process (Poke) / Web Based Software / Desktop Manager Software.

BlackBerry Tour 9630 owners have been complaining and waiting for an official OS 5.0 release since the device was launched in July 2009 with OS 4.7. Their wish will most likely come true as soon as this Monday. Just last week, Verizon Wireless released OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8530. Let’s hope this rumor is in fact true, and BlackBerry Tour 9630 owners finally get their coveted upgrade, as they have suffered enough already.

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