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iPhone OS Rocking in Mobile Web Market Share and Android Coming Next

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It likely comes as no big surprise that Apple’s iPhone OS has been at the top of the mobile web space game since 2008. The company’s market share at one point approached 70% of the mobile web, and showed no signs of slowing down — until now.

Mobile advertising firm AdMob has released their latest statistics on the state of the mobile web market, and it would appear as if Apple could soon lose its crown.

That’s because Google’s Android OS is quickly finding itself more and more penetrated into the mobile web market, currently in the region of 42% market share. What’s interesting is the fact that Android may soon be taking over as kind of the mobile web market, surpassing Apple’s now-declining market share. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised it Android hasn’t already surpassed iPhone OS in terms of mobile web market share.

Meanwhile, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS continues to decline, approaching 10% [mobile web] market share, along with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, under 5%.

Certainly, it will be interesting to see how this pans out, and we’ll get that up as soon as the next set of stats are released by AdMob in the near future.

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