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No Coding Required: Professional Parallax Scrolling Animation Made Easy

Website creation is an art. Each graphic or web designer strives for beauty and aims to design websites that engage users. As such, we seek out the latest technology that helps us achieve our goals of transforming user experience.  I was extremely interested to hear that responsive, parallax scrolling functionality has just been launched by the nemesis of Adobe Muse, Webydo.

Parallax Scrolling Web Design

Parallax Storytelling

It’s not a secret that well-told stories keep the audience on the edge of their seats. This effect can easily be achieved in web design, as visitors scroll through animated parallax backgrounds. Mastering such a technique improves overall user experience, and has the ability make your websites stand out from the rest. The good news is that you don’t even have to code.  Simply use Webydo’s responsive website editor that is equipped with a parallax scrolling animator.

The Dark age of web design

The Dark Age of Web Design

The past few decades in web and graphic design can be best described as the Dark Ages. The rapid evolution of technology has completely rendered some of the older design practices completely unnecessary. Designers either worked closely with programmers for client projects, or wrote code by themselves. Every client project took a lot of time to finish, and the worst part was that developers were being paid much more than their creative counterparts.

That is ancient history. Currently, not one, various types of code-exempting software exist. While most consist of overly-simplified website builders for average people, the is another category is comprised of specialized solutions for creative professionals. The market is dominated by Adobe Muse, which can only be used as part of the Adobe Cloud, and Webydo. The latter is a cloud-based alternative that combines elements of design with project management, thus simplifying a designer’s job…and, I guess you can say, life in general.

Total Freedom of Web Design

Webydo, the 98K-Strong Designer Community

Any Webydo user will tell you that this cloud-based software is a dream-come-true, because it helps them control the three aspects of a project – design, management, and hosting – from one central dashboard.  You don’t ever have to deal with the repetitive task of manual coding. Just create your static designs in their Photoshop-like studio, and the platform automatically exports the design into W3C-validated, HTML5 code that adapts perfectly to any device or browser.

Additionally, your clients can use the friendly Content Management System to update sections of their websites without messing up the design – and without asking for your help on each occasion. Finally, the Webydo dashboard also enables professional designer to better organize their affairs, and easily bill customers for each of their services.

The best part about Webydo might be its’ designer-driven community. Here, everyone has a voice and can suggest new features and vote on additional functionalities proposed by their peers. The most requested features are then added by Webydo to its platform!  The parallax scrolling animator is the most recent product of this radically democratic system.

Prepare Yourself for Creative Freedom

I know progress when I see it. Webydo has come up with the most liberating solution in the market. I think it’s great that web and graphic designers can now create high-end websites without coding, and are free to decide what else they might need from their site editor in the near future.

We hope, We will become the best, creative and inspiring community for web and graphics. Join Us! Can be part of the growing Team. Just write something Creative and Interesting. Click here to become a member.


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