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How to Create Your Own Job Board Site Easily

At one point in all of our lives, we all have to find and keep down a job. The process of searching for jobs used to be rather complicated for past generations, with the Internet having to yet be an important enough part of their lives and countless newspaper classified sections to go through.

A while back, job board websites started appearing here and there and providing visitors with an easy to use and efficient tool for searching for a job. Unfortunately, for some time, putting out and maintaining such a website was costly and rather problematic.

Luckily, with plugins like WPJobBoard for WordPress, you can now create, publish and manage your job board website easily and without any specialized training in web development.

WPJobBoard is a plugin that is fully compatible with WordPress. This means that you start off with a versatile and well-rounded platform when developing your very own website and by just adding this plugin you’ll successfully manage to transform it from a simple website into a functional job board.

WordPress Job Board Plugin

WPJobBoard offers its users a number of useful features that help make the difference between an okay job board website and a great one.

First off, this plugin allows you to automatically send email job alerts and RSS feeds that will help you keep your clients up to date. This is a very useful feature to help you stay in touch with your clients and make a difference in how they view your services.

WordPress Job Board Plugin

Another feature that will be very well received by your users is the option to define the criteria of your searches. By allowing users to refine their searches, you will ensure that they are always able to find what they’re looking for.

WordPress Job Board Plugin

As far as managing your job board website goes, WPJobBoard offers you full freedom in selecting and arranging the fields displayed in your interface. You can do all of this by drag & drop and alter your pages until you’re happy with the result.

WordPress Job Board Plugin

WPJobBoard makes it very easy for you to create, edit or delete job postings. You’ll have no need of any specialized technical skills.

In order to create a job posting, all you have to do is follow three simple steps. First, you create your add, for which you can fill in Title, Description, Job Type, Category, Skills, Company Information, Location and Listing (only some of them are mandatory, but in order to create a detailed posting, you should consider filling in most of them). Second, you can preview how your listing will look like for users and check whether you’d like to change anything. Third, when you decide on your final version, all you have left to do is post it.

WordPress Job Board Plugin

If you’re worried about spammers or shady employers adding postings to your job board, you’ll be happy to know that WPJobBoard gives you full control over the postings in your website. By using this feature wisely, you will be able to have as many postings as possible on your website and be assured that they are legitimate and that your users will be able to trust your service.

WordPress Job Board Plugin

Another very useful feature you’ll find in WPJobBoard is the possibility to monetize your website. One example of how you can achieve this is by charging companies when they want to view the full resume of users registered on your site. All transactions are done through PayPal, insuring the fact that you have to invest a minimum effort in setting up this feature.

WordPress Job Board Plugin

In addition to this, WPJobBoard offers a lot more useful and exciting tools, like SEO optimization, 24h dedicated support and more.

WordPress Job Board Plugin

In conclusion, WPJobBoard offers a professional solution for people that want to create a job board website that is visually attractive, provides users with an intuitive and easy to use interface and allows owners full control over content and design.

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