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Mosaiqy is a jQuery plugin for viewing and zooming photos and images in a Mosaic-like grid interface.

The images are displayed inside randomly moving columns and rows where CSS3 transitions are used for the animations.

Once a thumbnail is clicked, the original version is loaded inside the gridwith a nice slideIn/Out effect.

It retrieves images from a JSON/JSONP

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jQuery EasyUI  framework is a complete UI library for creating  web pages fast and easily.

Every feature is offered as separate plugins which include drag-drop, pagination, accordion, tabs, panel, menu, form + validation, modalbox, datagrid and much more.

It has support for theming and comes with a default and grey theme. Also, it is multilingual, already supports multiple languages

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JSColor is a simple Javascript/HTML color picker for your HTML forms. It extends all desired <input> fields of a color selection dialog. You can pickerize your input fields in two easy steps.

The picker is a hidden layer, doesn’t use any pop-ups and can be positioned on any side of the input field.

It has 2 modes; HSV (hue …

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Guiders.js, a JavaScript library developed and used by the popular A/B testing service Optimizely, is recently open sourced and enables us to create flexible guiders.

A guider is a dialog box that guides a user through your application.  This improves the user experience of a web application by visually introducing the user to important features.  Enough text, let’s …

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jsmad is a JavaScript-powered MP3 decoder which allows browsers to play MP3 files without Flash . The project is actually the port of the popular libmad audio decoder and a great effort of translating 15,000 lines of C code.

It has support for ID3 (with most of the tags) and works out-of-the-box in Firefox, requires “enabling Web Audio API” in …

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JSONSelect is a JavaScript library that simplifies reaching JSON data with CSS-like selectors.

JSONSelect is an experimentalselector language for JSON. It makes it easy to access data in complex JSON documents. It feels like CSS.

Besides standard hierarchical selectors like “.objectName .objectName2“, there is support for :first-
child or :nth-child as well and you can quickly target any …

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Leaflet is a modern, lightweight opensource JavaScript library for making tile-based interactive maps for both desktop and mobile web browsers, developed by CloudMade to form the core of its next generation JavaScript API.

It is built from the ground up to work efficiently and smoothly on both platforms, utilizing cutting-edge technologies included in HTML5. Its top priorities are …

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Inside Photoshop, in order to edit properties of a layer, we go directly to the popular “Layer Styles” window of the application.

This web-based “Layer Styles” application has a very similar look to the one in Photoshop, allows us to play with the properties of an object but generates the output as CSS(3).

Just like Photoshop, it has …

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We generally use one of the popular JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, YUI, MooTools or Prototype for web projects even if the project only needs a very small part of the functionality. Microjs helps you discover the most compact-but-powerful microframeworks, and makes it easy for you to pick one that’ll work for you.

Such a usage ends up in bigger-sized

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Although images are usually expected to be static elements, customizing them on the client-side (via JavaScript) can be very handy considering the ability to applying effects and changing them anytime while still keeping the original files. add some awesome retro and vintage style to your images with the HTML5 canvas element.

vintageJS is a jQuery plugin that uses the HTML5 …

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