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TagCanvas is a open source javascript class which will draw and animate a HTML5 canvas based tag cloud.

It has support for text +images and can be shaped as a sphere, hcylinder or vcylinder.

The resource has so many settings for maximum customization and works even in IE (thanks to ExplorerCanvas).

TagCanvas in IE

The canvas element is not …

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Countdown.js is a JavaScript API for calculating time between two dates.

Countdown.js emphasizes producing intuitively correct description of timespans which are consistent as time goes on. To do this, Countdown.js uses the concept of “today’s date next month” to mean “a month from now”. As the days go by, Countdown.js produces consecutively increasing or decreasing counts without inconsistent jumps. The …

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PanoJS3 an interactive JavaScript image zooming and panning a panoramic image stitched together dynamically from smaller tiles. Use  can be used for viewing images that are much larger than the available viewpoint.

Besides the desktop, it also works on mobile browsers with touch interfaces (supports pinch to zoom and pan gestures).

A simple map helps finding out the which part …

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Validate.js is a very nice JavaScript lightweight form validation library that is inspired from the CodeIgniter form validation API.

The library is lightweight (~1kb gzipped)doesn’t require any JavaScript frameworks and works in all major browsers (yes, including IE6).

Validation rules that are used frequently like numeric, required, e-mail, less/greater than, etc. are already included and it can be

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First mobile framework on web Lungo.js. A framework, powered with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, for creating mobile web apps.

The applications created with it works in all of the popular platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry and WebOs).

It has support for touch events like tap, double-tap or swipe and doesn’t use images (including the icons) as everything …

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by Javascript, Software & Utilities

jsMessage is a small (3kb gzipped) JavaScript library for displaying stylish alert & notifications messaegs.

Besides notifications, it supports alerts + confirmations and doesn’t require any other JS libraries to run.

The positions of the messages, their auto-expire duration and whether they can be controlled via keyboard or not can all be configured.

Each message type (except notifications) has callbacks

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Slider.js is a slidershows latest web technologies engine build with jQuery and the power of CSS Transitions to perform awesome and efficient effects and the HTML5 Canvas to perform some non trivial transitions.

Items can have a text-caption with links and users can browse it with apagination or using the prev-next links.

Basic features

  • Each slide displays the
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jsMorph is a javaScript multi parameter and element animation, morphing, motion, tweening framework with auto start-position detection, auto unit-conversion, auto time-correction for smoother viewing experience and auto fps-adjustment for best recource savings.

Official Words:

jsMorph is a morphing – motion – tweening framework that knows what you need to do… get going! It’s a nice ensemble of best timing, …

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List.js is a cross-browser JavaScript library for improving the functionality of the HTML list element.

Using the library, the lists 7 KB cross-browser native JavaScript that makes your plain HTML lists super flexible, searchable, sortable and filterable. These actions not only include the values of <li> elements but any other elements and tags used inside them.

It equips lists …

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ShareCount is an open source script that count social shares.  The counter sums up the number of sharings of an URL in Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Delicious.

Also, it saves space by providing the ability use each social network’s widget from the same button (that nicely toggles on hover).

The code of the script is pretty straightforward and it …

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