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jwerty is a awesome javascript keyboard event handling library which allows you to bind, fire and assert key combination strings against elements and events. It normalises the poor std api into something easy to use and clear.

jwerty is a tiny library, weighing in at around 1.5kb bytes minified and gzipped (~3kb minified). jwerty has no dependencies, It doesn’t

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by HTML5 & CSS3, Javascript, jQuery

Flexible Nav is a jQuery plugin that can add stylish navigation bar  on the right of the page. It improves a web page navigation and helps to visualize different sections of a document, an article and any web page.

It analyzes the heading tags of the page and displays them on the right side of the page as links by …

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Spin.js is a JavaScript library that enables us to generate customizable loading indicators without images.

It creates the UI with CSS3 (VML in Internet Explorer) and works in all browsers (even in IE6).

The spinners can be customized in several ways like setting the number of lines, their color, length, width, radius, speed of the animation and the trail …

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Entourage.js is automatic download tracking for asynchronous google analytics. Entrourage.js lightweight (339 bytes gzipped) JavaScript solution that can automatically add tracking support for downloads.

It is framework agnostic, unobtrusive.and leaves the markup clean without requiring any inline JS usage.

There is also a filter provided which enables us to track only the selected file-types.

Google Analytics tracked file …

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Cryptico.js is an easy-to-use JavaScript library for encrypting text on the client-side.

It has support for RSA + AES methods and the text can be encrypted with any given bit length (228, 1024, etc.).

The content is encrypted with a public key and it can only be decrypted with that key (which makes sense if the recipient already has that …

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glfx.js is a JavaScript library for creating real-time effects to images using WebGL. The library has a wide set of built-in-filters including brightness/contrast, curves, sepia, hue/saturation, noise, lens blur, tilt shift, hexagonal pixelate and much more.

This library provides realtime image effects using WebGL. There are three parts to glfx.js:

  • texture: a raw source of image data (created from
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html5media is a JavaScript library that enables every browser to play the media defined inside the HTML5 media tags.

HTML5 video and audio tags were designed to make embedding a video as easy as embedding an image. They were also designed to give users a faster experience by doing away with browser plugins such as Adobe Flash.

Unfortunately, older …

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by Javascript, Software & Utilities

Elycharts is an easy-to-use and fully customizable JavaScript library for creating charts.

100% Javascript, No Need For Flash or Java

Elycharts is a pure Javascript solution, so it doesn’t require any client side plugins like Flash or Java. Running on the client browsers, you don’t need to install anything on your server. You need only to include …

Continue Reading gives you a quick overview about your browser’s support for recent technologies in the world of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Using Modernizr in the backend, it detects which HTML5 and CSS3 are supported, shows the result in a nice interface and links to the related W3C or WHATWG page for each property. is an open source project where …

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The CanvasLoader is a lightweight JavaScript UI library, which uses the HTML canvas element to draw and animate circular preloaders.

Using a simple function, a canvas element (loader) is created inside a placeholder div and multiple instances can be created at the same page.

You can try the Cusromizer to see how easy it is to create the sexiest …

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