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Bricolage CMS: Open-source, Full Featured Perl Powered CMS

Bricolage is an open-source and enterprise-class content management system that makes creating, managing and publishing content very easy.

bricolage workflow, and publishing system that greatly simplifies the tasks of creating, managing, and publishing vast libraries of content.

It is built with Perluses MySQL or PostgreSQL for storing data and has a powerful templating system (Mason, Template Toolkit, or PHP).
 Open-source, Full Featured Perl Powered CMS

With the help of this templating system and the flexibility offered on every step, it is possible to build any type of websites.

Bricolage has a group and permission based user management system that eases working as a team where some users can be editors, others being designers, etc.

Besides many other standard CMS features, there is a very handy and built-in alert system which can be setup for many events like an article going online, being edited, etc. to get notified instantly.

Also, there is a well-documented API which enables you to pull and push any type of data from the system.

Requirements: Perl 5.8.0+ and PostgreSQL or MySQ


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