jquery-ahm: A Better Way To AJAX Requests – Light-Weight jQuery Plugin

jQuery-ahm is a tiny (~1kb) jQuery plugin which enables us to create Ajax requests with a smaller code piece.

It is actually a wrapper around the popular $.ajax method and brings a different way of handling callbacks.

Rather than creating custom callbacks for every Ajax request, jQuery-ahm lets the back-end define Ajax callbacks (handled automatically).
jQuery Plugin To AJAX Requests


jquery-ahm is a replacement for $.ajax. With $.ajax, every ajax request needs a callback, resulting in a lot of javascript. $.ahm reduces javascript code by letting the response data define the actual callbacks.

  • Super light-weight: ~1KB minified
  • Reduces ajax requests to one-line (including ajax form validation)
  • No more custom callbacks for every ajax request
  • Lets back-end define post ajax callbacks (applied automagically)
  • Supports all jquery + custom callbacks in back-end code
  • Drop in replacement for $.ajax() (supports all $.ajax options)

Here is an example where all the callback is handled on the server-side:

02.$response = array(
03.// $("#animate").fadeOut("slow").delay("1000").slideDown("fast")
04."#animate/fadeOut" => "slow",
05."#animate/delay" => "1000",
06."#animate/slideDown" => "fast",
08.echo json_encode($response);

The bad part is, you move the front-end code and functionality to the server-side. This is not a preferred method for many designers/developers and it is mostly difficult if the front and back-end developers are different persons.
And the nice part is, size of the front-end code can be decreased seriously, specially for websites with lots of Ajax interactions and you get lots of flexibility in managing the callbacks.

Requirements: jQuery
Website: http://www.jqueryahm.com/
Demo: http://www.jqueryahm.com/examples
Download: http://www.jqueryahm.com/download


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