There are various new and exciting stuff with the website development like HTML5 and CSS3.

But, when it comes to designing HTML e-mails, it is still the tables and hacks for improving compatibility with different e-mail clients.

HTML E-mail Boilerplate is a project which presents a starting point for HTML e-mail design and includes solutions for the major rendering problems

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by General

Yahoo! Inc. announced yesterday on the Y! Mobile Blog that its Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger applications for the Android mobile platform have been updated in order to include various new features such as contact synchronization and video-calling.

As many of you might recall, the company updated its iOS Yahoo Messenger application to offer video-calling on the iPhone 4 and …

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by Apple, Iphone, Technology

A feature previously enabled for iPhone 4 devices only, the Yahoo Messenger application for iPod Touch 4 now supports video chat between devices, device-to-PC, device-to-Mac, and vice-versa. Unlike Apple’s FaceTime video chatting service, the application will allow users to chat by voice or video over 3G connectivity. Certainly a plus.

Yahoo has updated Yahoo Messenger aap which allows users to …

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by Google

Google just released  1000 most popular websites List, considering April’s visitors. Wanna guess who’s #1?

I know, you are thinking Google right? And it totally makes sense, I’m pretty sure that the top search website around the world is actually the most popular website; but they didn’t include themselves in this list. The number 1 and most popular site …

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by Iphone, Mobile App & Software, Telecom

Yahoo announced today on its blog that it has [finally] released not one, but two different search applications for the iPhone. The first app is called ‘Yahoo! Search’ [iTunes link]. Just like the name suggests, it provides a native optimized mini version of the search engine for the iPhone. Though, it is not as simple as it …

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by Facebook, Google

According to new data released by online analytics service Hitwise, Facebook has surpassed Google in the U.S. in terms of popularity for the week ending on March 13th. Hitwise says that Facebook accounted for 7.07% of all U.S. visits, putting it in first pace. Google took second place with 7.03% of visits, while Yahoo Mail and Yahoo took third …

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by Twitter

There are lots of news rumors about Yahoo Twitter Partnership.

We knew that the Yahoo-Twitter partnership would be comprehensive and more encompassing than Twitter’s search partnerships with Google and Bing, but now Yahoo tells us that the integration will focus on three primary areas:

Access to your Twitter feed on Yahoo: On Yahoo Mail, Sports, the homepage and …

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by Free Stuff

The beta tag is removed now from the Yahoo Messenger 10 so now the final version of Yahoo Messenger 10 is avialable with many bug fixes. This new version of Yahoo Messenger is a stable product and also compatible for Windows 7 OS.
While you install Yahoo Messenger 10 under Typical Install the package includes Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo …

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by Google, Microsoft, Web Browsers

It’s official: Yahoo is dumping its own search technology in favor of Microsoft’s Bing. Although searches conducted on Yahoo will still have the company’s branding and interface, for at least the next decade, the results will be based on Bing’s algorithms.

However, this isn’t the first time in Yahoo’s 15 year history that it has ceded its search business …

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