Facebook has released updated Facebook App for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, with some new features like expended list of events for tile notifications and addition of new elements to pin on home screen.

Windows Phone 7 Owners can now update to the new version of facebook applications v2.2. Windows Phone 7 users need not to upset anymore, as …

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Mobile advertising platform AdMob a subsidiary of Google  launch  Windows Phone 7 SDK in beta. The SDK has been specifically designed to take advantage of the unique Windows Phone 7 UI.

Google Director of Engineering of Mobile Ads Mark Schaaf explains:

“With the Windows Phone 7 SDK, developers can easily integrate advertising into their applications, control where the …

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by Microsoft

Here is the CES 2011 opening Keynote address video, which was kicked off by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and he made the following announcements about upcoming Microsoft’s line of products as:

  • Zune/Netflix/Hulu Plus/ESPN integration with Kinect
  • Avatar Kinect
  • Copy/paste feature for Windows Phone 7
  • New laptops using Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors
  • Windows 8 running on SoC chips
  • Microsoft Surface

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by Microsoft, Technology

Here is the first Windows Phone 7 ad where Microsoft call it as “the revolution is coming.” Watch out the video after jump.

Microsoft showed a Windows Phone 7 promotional video at the Secret Cinema screening of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ in London, U.K. The video indicates that “the revolution is coming…” Of course, we know what revolution Microsoft …

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by Mobile Phones

In a recent interview with CNBC, HP Executive Vice President of Personal Systems Group Todd Bradley revealed that HP will not manufacture any Windows Phone 7 handset. Instead, the Palo Alto, California-based company plans to take on the iPhone and Android devices exclusively with webOS, which HP obtained after it acquired Palm webOS based smartphones.
HP is one …

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by Microsoft, Windows

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launch is expected by the end of 2010 as Microsoft is developing the Windows Phone 7 OS from the scratch and it would be an innovative and different as compare to previous Windows Mobile OSes. In following you can watch LG Panther Windows Phone 7 hands-on video shared by mobiletechworld.

LG Panther Windows Phone 7 Video

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by Google

While Google is not yet making official Buzz applications available for most mobile operating systems, the Mountain View-based company announced on its Official Google Mobile Blog today that its Google Buzz website for mobile devices is now available for more platforms including BlackBerry,  Nokia S60, Windows Mobile, Palm webOS, and even iterations of Android lowered than version 2.0

The mobile …

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The world’s most popular mobile Web browser with over 20 million users!
Full Web: Opera Mini enables you to take your full Web experience to your phone. Fast: Faster mobile internet as data is compressed before being sent to your phone. Free: Opera Mini is free to download. It is the definitive mobile web browser.

The next generation of mobile …

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by Mobile Phones, Windows

An Adobe employee over in the company’s official forums dropped a bomb earlier this month that they’ve now decided to pass on releasing Flash 10.1 for Windows Mobile 6.5, instead moving straight to 7. The official explanation is that “WinMo6.5 does not support some of the critical APIs that we need,” but frankly, this sounds like a load of …

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by Facebook

Microsoft has released version 1.2 of the Facebook app for Windows Mobile devices. If you launch the Marketplace app, you should get notified. Arne Hess over at The::Unwired also noted that if your Marketplace app has updated itself, you will be able to install it to your storage card if desired. My client hasn’t done that yet though – I …

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