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Nexus One coming Verizon March 23rd?

Nexus One

MobileCrunch Says:

The last we heard the Nexus One was navigating its way through the FCC and Verizon was targeting a “Spring 2010″ launch. But now there’s a rumor floating around that states quite clearly that March 23, 2010 will be the launch date. Interesting…

We reached out to our Verizon contacts and none of them could confirm this date. But the rumor doesn’t originate from a Verizon source, but rather someone within Google. The March 23rd date does fit within the Spring 2010 launch window and also happens to be during the CTIA wireless conference. So even though this is purely a rumor at this point, you may wanna hold of on your phone buying decisions a bit longer as the rumored launch date is less than 30 days away. The Nexus One is noice.

Engadget Says:

What better way to start your Saturday afternoon than with another Nexus One release rumor. Without further ado, today we’ve got whispers care of Neowin that the recently-FCC’d CDMA device is launching on Verizon’s network March 23rd, perfect timing for the beginning of CTIA. And while that fits pretty neatly into that initial Spring 2010″ launch window, there’s really no way for us to corroborate at this point other than just taking their word for it. You can wait diligently, can’t ya?
via MobileCrunch & Engadget

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