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Cool jQuery plugin To Display In-Line Related Info: Hovercard

Hovercard is a cool jQuery plugin that displaying in-line related information with style when an HTML element of our choice is hovered.

A hovercard comes handy when displaying Person bio, Book author and price, Loading related information with Ajax, Editing in place, and what not!


What is so cool about this jQuery plugin!

  • Smoothly fades the name into a hovered card (in place).
  • Uses minimum css and no external stylesheets to download.
  • Full control over html to be displayed.
  • Comes with built in Twitter and Facebook hovercard.
  • Supports callback functions on hover in and hover out.

It is very useful for enabling users to reach micro info quickly (like a short bio, price of an item, an image, etc.) and comes with built-in Facebook + Twitter integration. Simply, it can display the details of a Facebook page or Twitter user nicely.

There are options for defining its width, position, background color and more. and also allow in-place editor.

Also, callback functions exist when hovering in and out from a Hovercard item.

Requirements: jQuery
Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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