Animated Tag Cloud: TagCanvas

TagCanvas is a open source javascript class which will draw and animate a HTML5 canvas based tag cloud.

It has support for text +images and can be shaped as a sphere, hcylinder or vcylinder.

The resource has so many settings for maximum customization and works even in IE (thanks to ExplorerCanvas).

Animated Tag Cloud

TagCanvas in IE

The canvas element is not supported by Internet Explorer versions up to and including version 8. However, the tag cloud above should be working in IE thanks to the ExplorerCanvas (Google code site) Javascript include file that translates canvas functions into IE’s VML. It is a bit slow, but it does work. Mostly.

At the time of writing you must use the latest trunk version of ExplorerCanvas, as the current version in the project downloads area does not have the required text output support.

Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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