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The-M-Project: HTML5 Javascript Framework For Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

HTML5 Js Framework for Mobile Apps

The-M-Project contains all UI and Core files to build jQuery Mobile based mobile HTML5 Apps. The-M-Project is an exciting HTML5 JavaScript framework for building cross-platform mobile web apps (iOS, Android, Palm webOS, BlackBerry). It makes use of jQuery on the JavaScript part and contains all ui + core files with features like offline support, internationalization and more.

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The-M-Project is not alone, it requires nodeJS and comes with a build tool called: Espresso! which makes it easy to structure your code, build and run it on a built-in server.

Although the framework is in alpha stage, it is already well-documented and comes with multiple downloadable examples.

The-M-Project Features:

  • MVC
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript-all development cycle
  • Offline support (automatic cache manifest generation)
  • Rich User Interfaces
  • DataProvider for local and remote storage persistence
  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Open Source (MIT License)
  • NodeJS based build tools (called Espresso)

Download The-M-Project

Requirements: Git & nodeJS
Compatibility: All Major Mobile Browsers

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