Download Flash Player 10.1 Beta for Android 2.2(Froyo)


Download Flash Player 10.1 is available for public beta and all Android 2.2 (Froyo) users can get it on their devices and enjoy Flash content!

Many users, like me, thought Flash would come pre-loaded with the Froyo update on the Nexus One, but to our surprise, this was not the case. First after installing the Froyo update, I quickly opened the browser to check for Flash, but it wasn’t there.

After a little thinking, I went to the Market and searched for Flash Player… That’s where I found it! If you too are stuck on finding on how to enable or activate Flash in Froyo update for Nexus One, head over to the Android Market and download Flash Player 10.1 Beta.


There has been a major speed increase in Froyo. Apart from that, I’m still exploring for new changes. One thing that I really wished was updated is the Music app, but unfortunately, it isn’t!

If  you’ve got a capable handset, visit on your new and improved Android browser to get downloading Flash Player 10.1 beta.

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