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Samsung Galaxy S on Hands Video

Samsung Galaxy G

We literally just had our hands on with the just announced Samsung Galaxy S — and boy, was it a beauty.

Read on for our first impressions.

  • This is without a doubt the most gorgeous screen we’ve ever seen on a handset. It’s massive, vibrant, and just so, so bright. We can’t wait to see how the Super AMOLED screen performs in the sunlight.
  • It’s a bit of a monster in the hand due to the 4.1″ screen, but its surprisingly thin and light
  • The entire Android interface has been overhauled, but not in anyway that destroys the core Android experience. They haven’t replaced much here – they’ve just made it prettier
  • There was one little bug involving video playback during our hands on demo — the video just didn’t want to start. Once it did, however, it was smooth as butter.
  • One odd thing we noted: the apps drawer has been paginated. On most Android phones, all of your apps are stored on one vertically scrolling page; here, they’re broken into horizontally scrolling pages, just like the homescreen.
  • Just about every screen transition has an animation — and thanks to the 1Ghz CPU, the animations are stunningly fluid. We didn’t see one ounce of stutter.

Update: Pictures now up; the video is processing as we speak. The player is embedded below – as soon as YouTube’s done processing it, it’ll go live.

Watch Samsung Galaxy S on Hands Video

via MobileCurch
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