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7 Trends That are Influencing Web Design in 2020

Website design is constantly changing to reflect the needs and expectations of consumers, with many of the latest technologies allowing website design to become increasingly smarter. If you are looking to get ahead as a website designer in 2020, here are some of the top trends that are starting to influence the way that websites are designed and operate both now and in the near future.

1.   Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design provides users with a smarter interface that reflects their behavior online. For instance, responsive design is responsible for a website’s ability to switch automatically to a mobile version when it detects that its user is using a portable device, rather than leaving the user to choose this option themselves. When a website is responsive, its graphics, image and font sizes, and resolutions change to match the device that is being used to view it. This means that designers do not have to design multiple website layouts for each device that visitors may use to access the page. This makes professional websites more cohesive, no matter the device that they are viewed on. However, responsive design in itself is not enough, and you must combine this with a range of other modern strategies to achieve success.

2.   Increase in UI Animation

UI animation is popular with both users and companies as a way to make websites stand out and to create interest on its pages. Some of the most popular types, including moving images, such as GIFs, or moving backgrounds, rather than the static backgrounds that are normally used on professional websites. Although UI animation has been previously written off due to the risk of distracting a company’s audience from their products, website designers are now finding ways to incorporate UI animation into an otherwise simple website design. For instance, some designers are now using UI animation to lead users around their website and even to increase the ease of navigation of the website in question.

3.   The Influence of Data Science

Although you might believe that they are two completely different branches of technology, data science has started to have a huge influence over website design. This is because, rather than feel the need to collect information from focus groups and surveys, website designers can now collect data straight from its source. This is because the artificial intelligence that is integral to data science can allow you to collect and analyze accurate data. The data shows website designers where they need to improve and what strategies will make the website that they are designing as effective as possible. If you are considering a career in data science, or simply want to improve your website design, you should consider taking a Data Science Masters Program. These degrees can teach you everything that you need to know about the subject and its potential disruption of other technology in the future.

4.   Automated Coding

Although many websites tout HTML and CSS as the two features that every web designer needs to know and are proficient at, this may not be the case for much longer. Instead, now front-end coding applications are starting to have the potential to create this code for you, leaving you free to focus on the design aspects of your project instead. Even if you are already an expert at using code, these applications may be able to boost your coding abilities and allow you to create coding that you would previously have been unable to- and in a fraction of the time.

5.   The Popularity of Chatbots and AI

Alongside the usage of automated coding, it is becoming apparent that web designers also need to start being aware of the popularity of using artificial intelligence to make web designs stand out. One of the trending uses of AI is the installation of chatbots onto professional webpages. These allow common customer queries to be answered automatically and in real-time by a robot, rather than businesses having to spend a lot of money to employ a team to operate live chats on their website. Not only this, but some web designers are even starting to use AI to create websites that respond to a user’s individual needs, and to collect data on the visitors that are using a website.

6.   Influence of Video and Multi-Media

Once, websites were solely based upon written communication, with blog posts being extremely popular. However, now, companies are looking for a way to complement their stellar written content with different types of media. For instance, more companies are now starting to place videos onto their webpages, such as tutorials and guides. By using a multi-media approach, web designers can tailor their website to the preferences of every type of visitor. This will ensure that their design is eye-catching enough to reduce the number of people leaving the website after only a few seconds.

7.   Voice Activated Websites

However, visual interfaces are now starting to be bypassed completely with the rise of voice assistants. These gadgets have allowed more and more people to visit and search through websites without looking at a screen once, and both browsing and shopping on these devices are set to increase. Although you might believe that voice-activated websites mean the decline of design, this is not true. Instead, there will be a greater focus on implementing the right keywords within content, ensuring that FAQs are adapted for voice searches, and stepping away from the traditional forms of website design and creation.

As a website designer, it is paramount that you can keep up with the latest technologies and trends that are influencing website design. This will allow you to keep valued customers and encourage larger companies to hire your web design business. Additionally, understanding the latest trends can increase the quality and effectiveness of the websites that you can produce. This guide covers many of the latest trends of 2020, and the trends that have been explored are likely to gather traction for many years to come. This means that it is paramount for you to focus on learning as much about these new trends as possible before they change the landscape of web design forever.

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