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90+ Excellent Examples of Creative Logo Design

Logo is the important part in any kind of stationery like leaflet printing, flyer printing, business brochure printing, letterhead and folders. Making of logo, corporate identity, branding, campaigns, billboards or brochure design is really hard work job. Logo designers take couple of days to complete the logo design, because Logo is not just have name of company it also your brand ambassador and good logo design can easily attract people’s attention. So here we have Excellent Examples of Creative logo design which can help to make your logo design project creatively.

People always remember creative logo design at a much higher rate than nearly any other advertising design element.  Aside from general style, your corporate brand identity can also generate good ideas about logo specifics.

2013 Creative Logo Design
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Corporate Identity & Creative Logo Design

Our last article on Logo Design was turned to be very popular, So I decided to continue with another big list of Creative Logo Designs.

Logos is a graphical element that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. The logo is one aspect of a company’s commercial brand, or economic or academic entity, and its shapes, colors, fonts, and images usually are different with others in a similar market. Logo Designs are also used to identify organizations and other non-commercial entities.

Design Museum Boston

Creative Logo Design - 1

ACS Poli Timisoara

Creative Logo Design - 2

Absolute Catering Logo Design

Creative Logo Design - 3


Creative Logo Design - 4

Rusyn FM logotype

Creative Logo Design - 5

Webhostingy Logotype

Creative Logo Design - 6

Robotic Wares

Creative Logo Design - 7

VrioGroup: Re-Identity proposal

Creative Logo Design - 8

Red Chest Old Roosters

Creative Logo Design - 9

Instituto e-cult

Creative Logo Design - 10

MCP Arquitetura

Creative Logo Design - 11

Exito Promotora

Creative Logo Design - 12

Ezusttorony 57 – Restaurant Branding

Creative Logo Design - 13

EPIC Smokehouse Branding

Creative Logo Design - 14

Vyclone Branding Illustration

Creative Logo Design - 15

Bike v Design Identity

Creative Logo Design - 16

Smartup -IT program for trade automatisation

Creative Logo Design - 17

On wheels Bicycle Store Branding

Creative Logo Design - 18

Rocky Mountain National Park Centennial Logo

Creative Logo Design - 19

Koleje Wielkopolskie

Creative Logo Design - 20

Lemon Media – brand identity

Creative Logo Design - 21

Bodnar Furniture Accessories

Creative Logo Design - 22

Mewe – We Love Innovations Corporate Idenity + Web

Creative Logo Design - 23

Corporate Re-Branding

Creative Logo Design - 24

Gold Coast CIty Rebrand Concept

Creative Logo Design - 25

MegaMeal PLUS

Creative Logo Design - 26

Faculty Of fine Arts Cetinje – Visual Idenitity

Creative Logo Design - 27

InsureRisk Corporate identity

Creative Logo Design - 28

MyBrownBox brand identity

Creative Logo Design - 29

Daily Finance Journal – logo

Creative Logo Design - 30

We Garden Branding

Creative Logo Design - 31

Typography Logo

Creative Logo Design - 32

OLEX Personal Identity Branding

Creative Logo Design - 33

Musicfellas – Social music discovery platform

Creative Logo Design - 34

Readsmart Identity – Branding

Creative Logo Design - 35

FLEX! Take control of your brand

Creative Logo Design - 36


Creative Logo Design - 37

Circ Corporate Branding

Creative Logo Design - 38

Vetrex – identyfikacja

Creative Logo Design - 39

Mountain Sports Club Branding

Creative business logo design021 – Corporate Identity

Creative business logo design022

Lemon Media – brand identity

Creative business logo design023

H2Overhaul – Logo Suggestions

Creative business logo design024

Logo suggestions for a finance administration software # 1

Creative business logo design025

Logo suggestions for a finance administration software # 2

Creative business logo design026

Sweez – Sweet & Freezing – Branding/Packaging

Creative business logo design027

Coffee Home Branding

Creative business logo design028


Creative business logo design029

National Geographic Rebrand

Creative business logo design0210

Logo Lounge Debut

Creative business logo design0211

Muzeum w Gliwicach logo

Creative business logo design0212

Big Mike Academy – Logo Design

Creative business logo design0213

Felix – Jump from Space

Creative business logo design0214

FERRES – Branding

Creative business logo design0215

Amber Events – Creative Brand Identity

Creative business logo design0216

Logo Design for Graphic, Inc.

Creative business logo design0217

Threebit Corporate Brand identity

Creative business logo design0218

Kofetika Corporate Identity

Creative business logo design0219

Pediadent – Logo Suggestion

Creative business logo design0220

JA Custom Types – Calligraphy Logo Design

Creative business logo design0221

move – Branding Logo Design

Creative business logo design0222

Branding GUS-TRANS

Creative business logo design0223

Xenium – Logo & Branding

Creative business logo design0224

Diferon Corporate Identity Design

Creative business logo design0225

What if you hire Arek – Brand Identity

Creative business logo design0226


Creative business logo design031

Inspire Business Logo Design

Creative business logo design032

Statesboro Logotype

Creative business logo design033

Sereia Filmes

Creative business logo design034

Elinia Logotype

Creative business logo design035

Computer Bookkeeper Solution

Creative business logo design036

GP Photography Logo Design

Creative business logo design037

VETrack Logotype

Creative business logo design038

Purec Logotype

Creative business logo design039

My Webber

Creative business logo design0310

Executive & Easy

Creative business logo design0311

Four Dimension Mind

Creative business logo design0312


Creative business logo design0313

Sixth Sense

Creative business logo design0314

Radium Web

Creative business logo design0315

Garuda Tour & Travel Logo

Creative business logo design0316

Cafe Red

Creative business logo design0317

Industrial Retail

Creative business logo design0318

Cherish Event Organizer – Logo & Identities

Creative business logo design0319

Miro Kozel personal logo

Creative business logo design0320

Countertop Limited Logo Design

Creative business logo design0321

Unlock University Logo Identity

Creative business logo design0322

Enetvip Branding

Creative business logo design0323

Kaimanera Logo Design

Creative business logo design0324

Krab School logo

Creative business logo design0325

The Leaven for Humanae Vitae

Creative business logo design0326

Smartson Visual Identity

Creative business logo design0327

Ithar logo design

Creative business logo design0328
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