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Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is able to convey an optimized website experience to your viewer right from larger-screen monitors to Smartphone. The need of the hour for web designs is to go responsive so as to make it possible for its users to view the website on all sorts of gadgets with no difficulty. Now, let’s undertake the advantages and disadvantages for making such a decision for your own site to help narrow your assessment.

Advantages disadvantages responsive web design

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Responsive web design advantages
  • The greatest advantage is to your users who will have an optimized website experience while they visit your website.
  • It allows making website updates only in one place thus reducing the task of managing numerous occasions of your site.
  •  By making use of a responsive design, you will be ensured of brand consistency with your brand being presented across all types of devices in the same way.
  • Another great thing about responsive design is usability. It is extremely user friendly thus allowing users to identify your brand when switching devices.
  • It allows easy sharing of the website on social networks.
  • Users with a good Wi-Fi connection can view your responsive website easily and also download huge amount of data with no problems.
  • Responsive will help you out to drive more leads and increase web sales. With a superior experience, you can lure you users to stay on your site and make a purchase.


Responsive web design disadvantages
  • The smaller the device, the lesser is the screen space you need to apply. This, however makes setting out complex navigation in a spontaneous manner complicated.
  • Diverse devices – Individuals surfing the internet on each of these devices will boast very diverse needs; for instance those on mobile web designs desire instant information.
  • If you are harvesting not more than 5% mobile visits to your website, then it might not be worth the speculation until there is an up-moment in mobile traffic. You can use your finances for other digital marketing devices.
  • As far as an SEO is concerned, responsive forbids you from targeting titles, images, and other metadata to mobile-only users.
  • Development time – As far as the creation of a responsive website is concerned, it takes a longer than the construction of a standard site.
  • You may need to use software such as cross-browser, mobile, and automated testing tools in order to prevent bugs on the live site.

Make sure that you do not let the above list of advantages and disadvantages put offs your decision to utilise a responsive website design for your own website happenings.

John is an American freelance UI/UX graphic designer and has been working in this field for 5 years. He also writes for other blogs, His biggest passion is blogging and loves all things design and technology. You can follow him on Twitter


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