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SEO and SMO – Which is Better For Small Business

SMO stands for Social media optimization which is not much known to everyone. SMO’s function although,very similar to SEO and that is to produce more traffic,which has a direct bearing on the profitability of business, whether it is online business or not.

Just as Google and Facebook have become rivals to each other, similarly there is competition between Social Media optimization and Search engine optimization. Now, there is lot of discussion going on about which one is more efficient and cost effective for small businesses, is it SEO or SMO? let’s try to find out.


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Social Media Optimization – How effective is it?

Business are getting accustomed to social media and its demands. They are learning and getting better at using it to produce more return. And they are also learning about the right kind of exposure they can get on such networks. In fact, SMO works not only as an effective source of attracting traffic, but it is also good for getting return on investment. While SEO, is a more absorbing and targeted type of optimization. More and more web experts are now turning to social media to attract individual and generate sale.

Search Engine Optimization

SMO tactics are not meant for all kind of businesses. Because Facebook is mostly used by teenagers and young adults, so if your product and service targets this market segment then it is well n good, but if your market segment is targeting older people then SEO is a better deal for you. SEO not only direct lot of traffic on your site but it is also very cost-efficient.

Which is More Suitable For Small Businesses, SEO or SMO?

If you look at them closely you will notice that SMO is a lot cheaper than SEO. SEO provides more comprehensive results for businesses, it is more profound and useful as compared to SMO.

You don’t need much instructions when you use SMO but SEO requires that you must get some knowledge about its working and so you have to study basics of SEO, in order to use it efficiently.

SEO or SMO Small Business
Because these two methods (SEO and SMO) serves different purpose and have different areas of functionalistsso it is better to use both methods in different places and different situationUsing SEO or SMO alone will not be very productive for you unless you use both methods, only then you will be successful in your efforts.


So this was our brief analysis of SEO and SMO, now it is up to you to make a choice and reap benefits of your efforts by employing them intelligently for small businesses.

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