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PHPDevShell: Free PHP Open Source User Interface

PHPDevShell is a modular, plugin-based “code management system and framework” that offers a ready-to-use administration interface which can be extended with your own codes. PHPDevShell can offer you immediate general used functionality with a user interface for your next project.

PHPDevShell Features:

  • Easy plugin based projects, Full MVC or Not, really up to you.
  • Extend existing projects on PHPDevShell with ease.
  • Extremely powerful skinning, theming and structuring.

Free PHP Open Source User Interfce
It provides most of the popular features that an application requires like:

  • user registration and management (with roles, groups an access rights)
  • presenting system settings
  • cronjob management
  • navigation
  • plugins
  • templates
  • and much more..

The project aims not to interfere with your system, rather, follows a simplistic approach to integrate with it.

PHPDevShell has many other features like a built-in mailing list manager and the ability to view logs for every action.

Download Free PHP Open Source User Interface


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PHP CMS Apr 27, 2011

Awesome. Thank you for your sharing!

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