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Download Google Chrome 4.1 with Chrome 5 Features

Google Chrome

Google has rolled out a new Chrome build for its beta channel and is calling it Chrome 4.1 Beta.

Google Chrome 4.1 stable release supports automatic translation feature for the entire web page and it works for 52 languages. This translation feature is really advantageous in a sense that it will increase the user experience to visit the other web pages of different languages even those are not in their native language.

In addition, Google Chrome 4.1 Build Beta has evolved in terms of privacy capabilities. Hollander underlines that the latest release of Chrome Beta is designed to give even more control to end users, as well as additional options to protect their online privacy. Google has been slapped with a consistent amount of criticism over its privacy practices, but the new Chrome 4.1 Build Beta only enables end users to better manage their information while surfing the web via the Mountain View’s company open source browser.

Download Google Chrome 4.1

Watch Automatic Translation in Google Chrome (Beta) Video

Watch Google Chrome & Privacy & You Vidoe:

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