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Google announcing Google Buzz integration into Android

Google buzz android

For a while now, there’s been some speculation that Google may be looking at buying Twitter. But why buy a company when you can make a better one? Google has just unveiled a new service called Google Buzz. According to one of the promotional videos: “Google Buzz is a way to share updates photos videos and more.”

Google Buzz will be directly integrated into your Gmail account so that you can post a Buzz right from your browser with no need to sign up for an additional account. You will automatically be following all the people in your contact list and can keep track of any replies to your Buzz’s directly from your inbox. Buzz also allows you to easily share pictures, videos and links with a simply click of a button.

At the moment, Google does not have a dedicated Android app for Google Buzz, but you can access the service by going to from you Android phone. Similar to Google Latitude, Google Buzz can pull in your current location so that you can share it with your friend. But is goes a step further, by pulling in the name of your location rather than your coordinates. Google will be rolling out a new version of Google Maps for Android will Google Buzz integration. You’ll be able to use the Buzz layer to view recent Buzz’s around you. You will also be able to post a new Buzz by using your Google search widget on your phone. Simply press the voice search button in the widget and say “post buzz” followed by your buzz. Google will transcribe your buzz and post it to your account, no typing required.

I’ve been a huge Google fan since I got my first Gmail account back in the day. Google Buzz is probably the most exciting new online service they have rolled out in the past five years. I’m not sure how Google Buzz will measure up to Twitter, but it looks like Google has it’s game face on and is ready for a fight.

Google Buzz for Mobile Watch Video:

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