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App: Facebook Finally Gets Push Notifications And Contact Syncing

Facebook Puch Notification Syncing

Now finally facebook gets Push Notifications and Contact Syncing. Facebook iPhone and iPod touch app finally features push notifications along with another welcomed addition, contact syncing.

Facebook Puch Notification App

Joe Hewitt did a great job making Facebook v3.0 one of the best free apps available, but his sudden departure from the project left us waiting impatiently for the highly sought after push notifications.  Many turned to other apps to fulfill this need, most notably Boxcar, but now you will no longer have to fuss with a third-party app thanks to v3.1.

Facebook Contact Syncing App

Facebook v3.1 allows you to customize when you receive push notifications.  For example, you can set the app to notify you when you receive a new message, wall post, friend request, friend confirmation, photo tag, event, and comment all from within your settings.  Facebook v3.1 is also able to sync with your iPhone’s address book, adding profile pictures to your contacts, if you so wish, and a link to their Facebook page for easy access.

Download Facebook Push Notification App from App Store.

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