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Directory Submission Methods and Procedures-Directory Submission Tips and Tricks


Benefits of directory submission

Directory submission is very cost effective way to build one way links from relevant category of high quality based directory, Directory submission is very much useful for improve page rank, increasing brand awareness & web visibility as well as drive relevant traffic which is convert in to sale.

  • Directory submission is a part of search engine optimization.which helps in increasing link popularity by setting one way inbound directory submission process all kinds of websites are checked by human editor and included after approving the quality and relevancy of the website directory submission is also help us your website to increasing relevant traffic if websites are listed in proper theme based directory
  • We don’t use any kind of automated submission software to do directory submission task, We aredoing manual directory submission to each and every directory submission, We follow proper directory submission guidelines.

You cannot afford to go left! Directory submission have to be done right so as to grab the benefit from this important link building technique. There are thousands and thousands of link directories out there where you can submit your site or blog too. But out of that many thousands of directories, only a fraction essentially offers the real backlink and some PR benefit.

There was time when directory submission would work like magic when it comes to link building. It still does work to some level but not to the extent that it used to be before. Tremendous competition pretty much exhausted all the traditional link building methods and to stay competitive in the game, one needs to do more than what others doing; both in terms of quality and quantity. Some may say it’s the quality of backlinks that matter and not the quantity, I would say they both matter. If I have only a small number of good quality links and my competition has more good quality links than me along with a lot of Ok quality links, I’m the one who is behind in the game. So even with good quality backlinks, one needs as many of them as possible till the competition is beaten. .

First most important step in directory submission would be to find as many niche blogs as possible and submit the site to them. Niche directories are a new trend and by now, there are niche specific directories in almost all major niches. Submitting the site to those directories will give you relevant backlinks which will be more valued for ranking purpose.

Once you are finished with submitting to a lots of niche directories as much as you can, next thing you need to do is to compose a list of all high ranking directories with as many backlinks as possible. More backlinks a directory has, more frequent Googlebot visits the directory and better chance you have for quick indexing of your link. High ranking directories also pass higher value link juice.

If you are reading this far and still wondering what is the world is being talked on this article or what do the terms directory submission and link building mean, the you should know that a site needs to be properly optimized with as many backlinks as possible being pointed to the site to rank high in search engines. Higher the site ranks, better flow of traffic there will be meaning more viewers/readers and more revenue for money making webmasters.

One last thing I would like to touch up on is deeplink directory submissions. Away from niche directory and general directories, there are deeplink directories that accept deeplink submissions with some only accepting deeplink submissions. It would be useful to spend a little time in finding as many directories as possible and compose a large deeplink directory list. Once the list is ended, you can start submitting your inner pages and/or social media pages to these directories.

So if you would like to get good benefit out of directory submissions, spend a lot of time on the web searching for a lot of directories as possible, arrange them out by priority, and carry on submitting. Take a slow and steady approach and don’t go overboard by submitting to 4,000 directories in a month and nothing on the second month. It is more worthwhile that you submit to 1,000 or 2,000 directories over the course of 2-3 months. In this way the link building campaign would give the impression of being lot more natural and organic in the eyes of search engines.

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