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Adsense:Generate Higher Levels Of Adsense Income


Do you benefit from high levels of income generated through Google Adsense?

It is not uncommon to read informative articles or newsletters that state there are some people who earn as much as $10,000 in a month’s time by taking advantage of Adsense marketing. You may have even heard stories of individuals who have earned as much as $1 million in a year’s time, with the earning power that Google advertisements supplied them with.

Educate yourself with Google Adsense Income and learn how you too can earn an income of six-figures.

When site owners obtain ads from Google adsense, there is no time required for selling the product. Google adsense simply gives you a code that will generate the display of a targeted advertisement to appear on your site. The idea is to get visitors that come to your site to click on these advertisements, and in turn you are able to earn a commission. This is a popular way to generate larger amounts of income, but there site owners that do not maximize benefits in using Adsense to the fullest potential.

Top Effective ways to increase levels of revenue using Google Adsense

  1. Pick the right spot – Generally the middle of a website is saved for informative content on a site. Therefore, it is best to place your block for Adsense at the very top portion of your site page. The idea is to format your site in such a way that the ads do not appear as advertisements, but instead look like additional links offering information for the services or products of your site.
  2. Select a beneficial size – Many website owners have found that they can gain the most benefit from choosing the large rectangle (336×280) ad format. This is simply because the other choices, such as the Wide Skyscraper (160×600) and the Leaderboard (728×90), look exactly like advertisements, whereas the rectangle format does not, which means it receives the largest number of clicks.
  3. Do away with borders – Website owners have found by simply making one small change in their Google ad appearance, it increases amounts of revenue they earn, and this is by removing the border. Borders totally take away from the effect that you are trying to create with the ads being additional content added to your site.
  4. Font likeness – The content on your site should look the same as the font style and size of your block for Google adsense. This helps to give it the natural appearance and smooth flow of being another part of your site.
  5. Color matching – Just as with the fonts, the colors used in the ads should also match the color schemes that you choose for your site.
  6. Remove distractions – Cramming too many graphics or links into a website page can be very distracting, and many times it will result in the customer becoming frustrated and leaving your site to find one that is much more user-friendly. If it is not an essential part of your site, then do not include it.

Website owners often notice a dramatic difference with the click-thru ratio of the ads contained on their site, simply by keeping these 6 steps in mind.

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