A jQuery Plugin for easily adding lightweight, flexible overlays to your projects.  Simple Overlay flexible jquery plugin use for custom effects, customize using CSS hooks, fade effect, slide effect or no effect, define custom callbacks for further action, take advantage of CSS3 and more.

There are high-quality plugins for creating overlays but most of them come with …

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css-sprite.es is an online CSS Sprites Builder / Generator written by Nicolas Crovatti. This tool can, given a few image files, generate a clean image sprite with corresponding valid CSS and XHTML  code along with an optional hover processing for rollover effects.

At WRD, several applications for generating CSS sprites are shared until now. With their pros and cons, all …

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Spritemapper is an application that merges multiple images into one and generates CSS positioning for the corresponding slices.

Spritemapper is a tool for easing this process by merging multiple images into a single one and creating the CSS positioning rules for each slice.

The tool is a simple command-line tool that performs the job via a Python package including its …

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by Software & Utilities

Holmes is a CSS stylesheet for diagnosing potentially invalid, inaccessible or erroneous HTML markup.

holmes.css is useful for checking the quality of your code (up to W3C HTML5 standards), nitpicking over ensuring markup is valid and semantic and accessility guidelines are met, and when you are tasked to fix up and debug an old, OLD website. It has …

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by Website Designing

These are 30 fresh CSS/XHTML web templates which are collected from different web resources for our readers. These templates includes business templates, game zone templates, hosting templates, electronics templates, design studio templates, online stores, etc.

Most of these templates are very high quality, each download have xhtml/css and images files.

We hope you will find at least some of your …

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jQuery.Easie.js is a plugin for the popular JavaScript framework for creatingCSS3-like easing animations.

With the help of a web-based drag ‘n’ drop interface, it enables you to create the easing curve and generates the related jQuery + CSS3 code automatically.

Css3-like easings for jQuery animations

  • Tweak the shape of easings
  • Compatible with Css3 easings
  • Small (less than

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Photobooth will allow your website visitors to take a snapshot with their web camera and upload it from a neat CSS3 interface.

As you might know, it is not possible to access web cameras and other peripheral devices directly from JavaScript (and it won’t be for some time). However there is a solution to our problem – we …

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Live.js, once included to a web page, auto-refreshes it automatically if there is an update to the files used. Say goodbye to Alt-Tab. Live.js makes sure you’re always looking at the latest version of the page you’re working on, whether you’re writing HTML, CSS or Javascript.

How its Works:

Just include Live.js and it will monitor the current page …

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by CSS, Software & Utilities, Technology

Patternify is a free-to-use web application for designing stripe patternswithout using any image editing application.

The pattern can be drawn pixel-by-pixel over a custom-sized canvas, where the design can be previewed live, with the colors and opacity wanted.

Once it is complete, the output can be downloaded as a .PNG file or you can use the generated base64 CSS

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by Software & Utilities, Technology

CSS3Warp is a proof of concept: create Illustrator like warped text (text following an irregular path) with pure CSS and HTML.

CSS3 enables us to transform HTML objects in several ways and rotation is one of them.CSSWARP is a free-to-use web application that enables us to warp text with drag ‘n’ drops and get the HTML-CSS output.

CSS3 brings …

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