Custom UI Component Database For iOS & Mac OS X: Cocoa Controls

Cocoa Controls is a website which offers this functionality to iOS and Mac OS X developers by listing open source and custom UI components for these platforms.

When creating a web application or a software, it is usually a good idea to search for resources, like snippets, plugins, etc., that can ease the job.
Custom UI Component Database For iOS & Mac OS X

There are already 150+ controls (like this awesome iCarousel) where new ones are added regularly. Also, you can submit new resources as well.

Top-Rated iOS Controls

P.S. What would be greater is a categorization of the controls so they can be found much easier.

We hope, We will become the best, creative and inspiring community for web and graphics. Join Us! Can be part of the growing Team. Just write something Creative and Interesting. Click here to become a member.


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