jQuery Alert Alternative: Apprise

A jQuery alert alternative that looks good. Apprise is a very simple, fast, attractive, and unobtrusive way to communicate with your users. Also, this gives you complete control over style, content, position, and functionality. Apprise is, more or less, for the developer who wants an attractive alert or dialog box without having to download a massive UI framework.
jQuery Alert Alternative

Apprise was created by me (Daniel Raftery), a web developer, located in Portland, Maine. Apprise was a simple project that I felt compelled enough to develop to the point of distribution. Feel free to manipulate, improve upon, and use however you’d like.

The stylesheet (apprise.css) is the key everything; simply edit the styles declared within to adjust the look and feel. Because this is actually injecting elements into the DOM, you want to make sure you close all tags as these can cause apprise to fail and give you an unnecessary headache. Apprise is tiny. Like, really tiny. 5kb in total for the full and 3kb for the minified version.

Download jQuery Alert Alternative: Apprise

Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://thrivingkings.com/apprise/
Download: http://cl.ly/682c

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