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Download WordPress 3.1.2 Security Updates

WordPress has just released a new version of the popular blogging platform. WordPress 3.1.2 is a security update which makes it a mandatory update for all self-hosted WordPress sites. The update “addresses a vulnerability that allowed Contributor-level users to improperly publish posts” notes Ryan Boren at the official WordPress blog.

WordPress 3.1.2 Security Updates

The WordPress developers suggest to update immediately, especially if users can register as contributors on the blog. WordPress 3.1.2 fixes several non-security related issues which you can see a list of at the issue tracker over at the WordPress website.

Nothing to spectacular fixed though, take a look below for the list.

  • It’s tricky to drag metaboxes
  • Apostrophe in first/last/nickname causes JS error on user profile page
  • Missing closing </fieldset> in user-edit.php for “show admin bar”
  • Multiple tag queries broken
  • WP_User_Query ordered by post_count doesn’t work if prefix is not wp_
  • WordPress 3.1.1 breaks date archive filtering by tag or category
  • Walker_PageDropdown doesn’t filter titles correctly
  • Too much escaping for pages when using Quick Edit

WordPress administrators can update their blogs either directly from the WordPress Dashboard with a click on the Update Automatically button, or by downloading the new release from the official WordPress website, uploading the files manually to the server and running the upgrade script afterwards.

I have just updated more than a dozen WordPress blog to version 3.1.2 and the automatic update worked without difficulties in every instance. WordPress admins should not encounter any page display problems on the frontend or backend after applying the update.

This is recommended for users to download WordPress 3.1.2 from integrated link or get automatic upgrade to WordPress 3.1.2 through Dashboard > Updates menu right inside the admin area of your site.

Download WordPress 3.1.2 [Direct Link]


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