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Google Introduces App Inventor for Android


Google Labs has introduced App Inventor for Android software which allows users to create applications for Android in a graphical environment.
Users with No programing knowledge could also easily work with App Inventor for Android as it provides an interactive graphical interface with built-in objects and tools which helps to build Android apps without writing a single line of code.

App Inventor for Android is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. To know further detail about Inventor for Android visit GoogleLabs blog.

According to Google itself, they have been working on the App Inventor for over a year now. The program has been apparently tested in several schools with students ranging from sixth graders all the way to university undergraduates with no programming experience. The main goal is to allow anyone not familiar with coding or developing apps to be able to create their own applications.

The service is currently in a private beta. Those willing to give it a try must request an invitation using their Gmail address. Bear in mind that, as the name suggests, Google App Inventor for Android only works with the Android platform.

To learn more about the new Google App Inventor for Android, click here.

App Inventor for Android in Action

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