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FIFA 10 UK cover revealed


Today EA Sports revealed the front cover for the UK version of their very popular soccer video game
FIFA 10. Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney returns for the fifth time on the UK cover.

Flanking Wayne Rooney is cover debutant and Arsenal striker Theo Walcott and Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard. Lampard previously featured on the UK cover for 2006 FIFA World Cup.

So whats new in FIFA 10?

There are over 50 new improvements in the manager mode alone and several in the game mode. Let me highlight a few for you:

* 360° Dribbling—The first-ever true 360° dribbling system in a football game provides finer dribbling control, enabling players to find spaces between defenders that previously were not possible.
* Improved Trapping Intelligence —Players now have a better awareness of where the easiest, most natural trapping position is so they can get the ball on the ground and under control easier and earlier.
* Advanced Positioning —Defenders multi-task and play the pitch more intelligently by covering dangerous spaces left by out-of-position teammates. In attack, players analyze space more effectively, curve their runs to stay onside, create passing lanes and vary attacking options.
* Refined Goalkeeper Intelligence — numerous improvements mean that goalkeepers now have more urgency and better perception of where to intercept loose balls, resulting in a more responsive and powerful rushing system. New animation warping technology provides game-realistic goalkeeper positioning and momentum, resulting in more varied scoring opportunities.
* Manager Mode Authenticity—More than 50 major improvements were designed to create an authentic experience to mimic the real-world game. Match results are based on team and player strengths and weaknesses. Player transfers are determined by multiple decision points, including club finance and prestige, availability of similar players, and competition from AI-controlled clubs. Player development is more realistic with true-to-life growth curves based on factors such as age and environment.

FIFA 10 is released October 2, 2009 on Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 & 3, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo DS.

Do you play FIFA? Which team is your favorite? Do you play online?

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