jQuery Content Slider With Thumbnails, Captions And Tooltips :Awkward Showcase

Awkward Showcase is a very flexible jQuery content slider plugin with thumbnails, captions and tooltip that can display any type of HTML content.

The plugin only controls the functionality and design is completely created on the HTML-CSS side.


Slider can have thumbnails that are positioned vertically or horizontally, captions can be displayed for each item and multiple tooltips can be positioned over slides (to provide detailed info about a specific part of the slide).

It can auto-arrange the height according to the content displayed, has multiple transition effects, the interval between each slide can be changed and much more.

jQuery Content Slider Plugins

Requirements: jQuery
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Website: http://www.awkwardgroup.com/sandbox/awkward-showcase…
Demo: http://demo.awkwardgroup.com/showcase/

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