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Best Free Resources for Designers and Developers – 04,2010

Best Free Resources for Designers and Developers - 04,2010

we are presets  community news submitted on Online News & Entertainment (ON&E BLOG) in April (04,2010) by readers and other blog owners. Most of the posts are related resources for graphics designers and web developers . You can also post your new or link for clicking below.

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Here is a compilation of Best Free Resources for Designers and Developers – 04,2010. Enjoy!

50 Best Free Icon Websites Roundup

Icons are the basic requirement of any web related projects and good icons are like a treasure for web designers. If you are looking for that perfect icon for your website, blog, web app or application, you will find all them here. I will just trying to put all best free icon websites together and i m sure you can get best free icon resources from listed websites.

Make your own jQuery slider using XML

A detailed, in depth jQuery, XML tutorial on how to build an awesome slider that handles images, video and full HTML.

25 jQuery Drop Down Menus, CSS Multi Level Drop Down Menu

There are lots of Drop Down Menus already out there. but I wanted to try to do something slightly different by making this post. In this post you can fine Excellent Collection of jQuery Drop Down Menus with stunning visual effects and animations, Unlimited Drop Down Menus levels, Fully cross-browser, SEO friendly, CSS Drop Down Menu and Lightweight.

100 Freebies Resources Blogs Roundup

You are finding a useful and creative graphic design resources on the web? so check out the most useful and inspirational freebies resources from around the web. We post frequent free downloads for creatives, as well as inspirational advice. We just trying to put all freebies resources in one place for you. Grab the latest freebies resources and fuelup your upcoming projects.If you’re always on the lookout for quality resources, consider subscribing to these blogs.

9 Best Modern Web Design Tutorials and Articles

Web Design field is growing very fast and as a modern web designer you should know new design techniques such as CSS3 and Web 2.0 . A visitor to your website is going to decide to stay or leave your website in just a few seconds. If the design looks out of date,

280 Best Fonts for your Headlines

Sometimes you have imagine what you want to draw/create but you can’t find the suitable fonts to make it better. This is a collaction of 280 best fonts for your Headlines. Take a look!

35 Street Speed Lights Wallpapers

In this post there is a collection of 35 spectacular wallpapers from street speed lights! I hope that you will use one of them!

Vector vs Bitmap for dummies.

A great tutorial to understand main differences between vector and bitmap images.

Desktop Wallpaper: 80 Most Breathtaking Places on Earth

There are many sources of inspiration that designers look to when trying to get their creative juices flowing. I think there is none better than the breathtaking landscapes that nature has to offer. In this post you will see some of the most beautiful places on earth. You will see everything from the mountains of Alberta, Canada to the beautiful beaches of Koh Phi Phi Island in Thailand. I hope that these images will help to inspire you. Enjoy!

Best Inspiration Posts in Jan and Feb 2010

Know we are going to present Best Inspiration Post in Jan and Feb 2010 only for those who are really inspiring with our post. you might want to take a look at. It’s probably not about getting the exact effect they’ve got, but to pickup the technique and see how you can advance from there.

Ultimate list of Drupal grid theme resources

Interested in theming Drupal with CSS grids? Here’s a huge list of modules, resources, free themes, and tutorials to get started.

First polish Motion Design and Visual FX site.

We are the first Polish motion design and visual effects community. Everyone can find here something interesting for him. If you can’t you can just tell us about that, and we will write about it. For now we are publishing everything interesting about:Adobe, After Effects, motion design, typography, animation, movie, film, cinematography, download, free textures, 3d, 2d

Girl With An Attitude free vector

Girl With An Attitude VectorFree vector drawing of a girl with an attitude,another one is in the pipeline so get the feed or follow on Twitter for updates. Thanks all. The zip contains an .AI (for CS and above) and an .SVG version .

5 Fresh Navigation Menu Design Tutorials

Every Designer need to design good website navigation for more usability and attraction.Provide simple and straightforward navigation menus so that every visitor will know how to get round your site and visit your site next time.

50 Hot New Tutorials (Part2)

Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off. In this post, I have rounded up a collection of very useful tutorials from around the web from the month of February. You’ll find everything from a super easy neon style in photoshop, to creating a stylized first aid icon in illustrator. So what are you waiting for…why not try one out?

Icon tutorial: Speaker icon with Illustrator (win7 Style)

In this tutorial we will use Adobe Illustrator CS4 to create a speaker/music icon inspired in Windows 7 style.

Free icon sets: 55 user icons designed pixel by pixel

carefully design set of 55 user icons created pixel by pixel to look optimized in smaller sizes.

Folder Social Media Icons Set

A Freebie gift for my readers. A FREE social media icons set! which comes with 10 most common social media icons. You can freely use these really cool and special social icons for both your private and commercial projects

Easy backlinks to Get Higher Pagerank

As we all know, backlink is much influenced in order to increase google pagerank of your site. Google update pagerank every 2-3 months, so that if you want to increase your web pagerank you have enough time to do. What the easy ways to achieve high pagerank? Here some ways that no cost needed to do:

13 Company layout Design Using Photoshop

There are some very easy to follow tutorials on just how to design Company layout using photoshop .Company layout should be pleasing to the eye. Choose colors, graphics, text fonts, and other background items keeping in mind both aesthetics and convenience

Icon Library >> wizard icon with illustrator

Learn how to make a great wizard Icon to use in your applications or in your magic tricks

Impressive web forms. From coding to validation!

Learn how to code a top-aligned form, style it using modern technologies such as CSS3, how to validate its data using javascript (client-side), and how to validate data server side using php.

40 high quality, carefully designed social icons 🙂

40 high quality, carefully designed social icons 🙂

Download Free Tag Style Social Media Icons for Social Bookmarking

We are releasing another free Tag Style Social Media Icons for Social Bookmarking icon set. This time we wanted to cover one of the most common needs that every web designer has: social media icons.

100 Stunning and Colorful iPhone Wallpapers

Today we present 100 iPhone Wallpapers. The iPhone is a beautiful work of art, with its sleek and elegant design. The large screen of the iPhone is ideal for a stunning and colorful wallpaper. A wallpaper can help personalize and beautify your iPhone. If you’re searching for iPhone wallpapers, you’ve come to the right place, for here are 43 really good iPhone wallpapers. These wallpapers also work with the iPod Touch, and are 320×480 pixels in resolution.

13 WordPress Plugins For Better Performance

One of the things I love about WordPress is the amount of plug-ins available. There is a wide variety of WordPress performance plug-ins for making your blog more faster on loading and rank well on search engines. page speed is one of the factors Google looks at when ranking your blog.

100 movie icon sets ready for download (Totally recommended)

100 movie icon sets, A complete list with the most extraordinary movie icons you can find on the net.

Big list of free photoshop brushes Sets 2010

A great list of HQ photoshop brushe sites….

50 things you can and cant do with your new ipad

A fun article about the new IPAD with 50 (unusual) cons and pros, enjoyable reading !!

Building a live news blogging system in php. Spiced with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery [part III]

A series of tutorials on building a live news blogging system. Developed using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, XML for front end and php and jsp for backend. In this third part we create methods to add new news items to our database.

Earth Day 2010 Creative Wallpapers

Today we are present Earth Day 2010 Creative Wallpapers, Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment and we sure the earth day 2010 wallpapers also inspiring you.

Massive ipad vector GUI elements: tabs buttons menus icons

Another great freebie from iconshock, this set contains almost all ipad UI elemments, including buttons, tabs, menus, keyboard, balloms, etc

20 highquality and beautiful icon sets

A collection of 20 beautiful, cool, high-quality and amazing icon sets. Many of them are so great to see. And I know you will download all of them. So grab all the icon sets and make your Digital world more beautiful.

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