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Best Twitter Tools, Plugins, Widgets for WordPress Blogs

Download Free Twitter Tools Plugins Widgets

Wickett Twitter Widget

Display tweets from a Twitter account in the sidebar of your blog. As seen on The easiest and best way to add Tweets to WordPress.


Twitter-WordPress integration plugin that includes server-side TweetBacks, ReTweet-This buttons, digg-like Tweet-This Button, automatic tweeting of new posts and some widgets.

Tweet This

A plugin that adds a Twitter icon to every post and page, so your readers can share your blog entries on their Twitter accounts with ease.

TweetMeme button

easily allows your blog posts to be retweeted.

Simple Twitter Link

simply returns a URL, which is a link to Twitter with your post/page URL within it.

WP Twitip ID

Plugin adds an extra field to the comment form for user to enter their twitter username

Twitter Badge

Official javascript codes that display badges showing what you are posting on Twitter.

The Twitter Updater

WordPress plugin that automatically sends a Twitter status update to your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post. You can specify the text for the updates, and also have the option to turn the auto update on/off for the different post actions in the admin panel.


Twitthis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their friends on Twitter.

Twitter Tools

This wordpress plugin creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.

Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget

Customise the number of updates shown in your sidebar, individual links to each status update on Twitter, style your Twitterings using CSS, choose whether to display your Twitter name before each post and customise text between the post text and the relative time.

Twitter Feed

Posts your blog updates to your twitter account. Login to twitterfeed using your OpenID, provide the URL for your blog RSS feed, and how often to post to Twitter.


Twitt-Twoo is a simple little plugin that will allow you to update your Twitter status right from your blog’s sidebar. It is AJAX powered and allows for quick and easy status updates.

Twitter Sharts

‘Shart’ your twitter status anywhere within your wordpress blog posts or pages.

Twitter Tool

This is one of the best tool which creates the integration between your Twitter account with your blogs.


A tweetback plug-in for WordPress blogs.

Twitter for WordPress

Displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog.

Twitter Updater

Automatically sends a Twitter status update to your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post.

Bird Feeder

It simply tweets when you publish a post.


MyTwitter allows users to display their Twitter status updates on their blog or site. This plugin is customizable and also allows to avatar display, number of tweets to display, formatting options, and stylesheets.


It shows twitter posts as a thread.

Tweet This

This plugin adds a “Tweet This Post” link to every post and web page so the readers can share your blog entries on their twitter account.


Set a keyword or phrase and NewsTweet constantly pulls twitter posts containing that word or phrase.


Allows to add Twitter Avatars In comments.


Shows favorite URLs on Twitter.


Integrates your social network activity across the web with your blog.


This plugin inherits 90% of the total functionality of Twitter, and notifies the user’s followers about his new web blog entries.

Twit it up

Allows your visitors to tweet, retweet your blog posts quickly and easily directly from your blog.


This plugin includes Server-side TweetBacks, ReTweet-This buttons for each TweetBack, a digg-like Tweet-This button, automatic Tweeting of new posts, a Most-Tweeted widget, a Recently-Tweeted widget and many more.


Displays on your blog about how many follows you on Twitter.


Allows to update your Twitter status right from your blog’s sidebar.

Twitter Sharts

Shart your twitter status anywhere within your WordPress blog posts or pages.

Simple Twitter Link

It returns a URL to Twitter with your post or web page URL within it.


Allows to create posts and categories based on Twitter keyword searches.

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