66+ Free Vectors Icons for Web Designers

Free Vector Icons For Web Designers

Vector icons are a dime a dozen, but how many would you actually use in professional work–or personal work you want to look professional? A very small percent, most likely. That’s why we’ve assembled the cream of the crop here, featuring only icon packs that are superbly good, yet completely free.

1 Vector Icon Name : Social Networking Vector Icons
Icon Description : Fed up with the same standard set of social icons for your blog or site?

This set of six social icons (Digg, Twitter, Delicious, RSS, Reddit & Stumbleupon) are free to use on your websites and blogs however you wish!

The icons are provided many different formats

2 Vector Icon Name : Social Bookmark Vector Icons
Icon Description : 12 freeware “iPhone-like” icons of Web 2 Social Bookmarks for use in blogs, websites, desktops, softwares.
The Linux version includes .PNG files sized from 512X512 to 16X16 pixels. Great for Bloggers.

Blinklist, BlogMarks, Delicious, Digg, Feeds, Flickr, Furl, Magnolia, Newsvine, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Technorati

3 Vector Icon Name : Smashing Vector Icon Set
Icon Description : The icons are available in resolutions 64px—64px, 128px—128px and 256px—256px, in 32-bit transparency PNG. These icons can be used for a variety of purposes †in particular, in portfolios and in corporate designs.

4 Vector Icon Name : 165+ Vector Icons
Icon Description : In 4 more colours. So, I suppose that makes 825 icons. As always, they’re free for you to use as you wish.

5 Vector Icon Name : Retro Vector Icons
Icon Description : 15 retro vector icons with transparency, 100% free to use. Photocamera, microphone, ham radio, plasma, computer, tv, videocamera, books, envelope, pim, wifi, frame Standard on a white and black background, but with the included EPS file you can put it on whatever background you want.

6 Vector Icon Name : Vector Web Icons
Icon Description : wonderful set of web 2.0 vector icons in eps. In first set you can find: travel icons, church icons, financial icons, space icons and post icons.

7 Vector Icon Name : Smashing Rss Vector Icons
Icon Description : 8 freeware feed icons for blogs and websites.

8 Vector Icon Name : Circle Rss Vector Icons
Icon Description : 4 variations of Feeds Icon in circle shape.

9 Vector Icon Name : 3D Rss Vector Icons
Icon Description : 1 Free Rss Feed icon designed with 3D look.

10 Vector Icon Name : 100% Free Rss Vector Icons
Icon Description : Around 15 RSS icons in JPEG and high-res PNG formats. If you want to download individual icons, click on them below.

11 Vector Icon Name : Sexiest Rss Vector Icons
Icon Description : This one was lovingly crafted by myself, in the forge of Cinema 4D. It’s got reflections, glass-like finishes and an oh-so-jaunty angle to it. It oozes raw sex appeal and screams “Click Me! Click Me!” which is just what you want for an RSS icon.

12 Vector Icon Name : Rss Feed Vector Icons
Icon Description : random rss icon shapes for Photoshop.

13 Vector Icon Name : Christmas Rss Feed Vector Icons
Icon Description : Christmas Related Rss Vector Icons

14 Vector Icon Name : Drink Rss Vector Icons
Icon Description : DrinkRSS offers free RSS and Feed icons to use on your blogs and other websites.
15 Vector Icon Name : PinkZap Rss Feed Vector Icons
Icon Description : Tutorial on how to create Rss Feed Vector Icons

16 Vector Icon Name : Comic Rss Feed Vector Icons
Icon Description : A comic styled Rss Feed icon.
17 Vector Icon Name : Hockey Puc Rss Feed Vector Icons
Icon Description : A set of RSS icons. Available in 6 different color schemes in .png format. The source psd is included.

18 Vector Icon Name : Rss Orb Vector Icons
Icon Description : Orb-like Rss Feed Icon
19 Vector Icon Name : Rss Colorful Badge Vector Icons
Icon Description :10 Colorful Rss Feed Badges

20 Vector Icon Name : Colorful Vector Rss Feed Icons
Icon Description : 4 icons – Orange, Green, Blue and Pink
21 Vector Icon Name : Social Networking Web 2.0 Vector Icons
Icon Description : Social.me is an icon set consisting of 30 individual icons of the popular social networks/Web 2.0 sites out there.

22 Vector Icon Name : Set of Social Networking Vector Icons
Icon Description : Set of Clean Social Networking Vector Icons

23 Vector Icon Name : Hand Drawn Social Vector Icons
Icon Description : Social Icons hand drawned is a set with 12 popular websites/cms and browser’s icons.

The icons that are included in this set are:
Blip.fm , Digg , Facebook , Firefox , Flickr , Meneame , Myspace , Technorati , Twitter , Vimeo , WordPress , Youtube

The icons are available in the size:
24×24, 32×32, 48×48 and 64×64″

24 Vector Icon Name : Grunge Social Networking Vector Icons
Icon Description : Set of stunning grunge styled social networking icons

25 Vector Icon Name : Set of Social Networking Vector Icons
Icon Description : Set of tilted Social Networking Icons

26 Vector Icon Name : Twitter Social Vector Badges
Icon Description : twitter icons for a contest @ 99 designs.

27 Vector Icon Name : Web 2.0 Vector Gift Icon
Icon Description : A set of X-mas theme social networking icons.

28 Vector Icon Name : 3D Social Networking Vector Icons
Icon Description : 3d Cube Social Networking Icons

29 Vector Icon Name : 3D Social Dock Vector Icons
Icon Description : Social Networking 3D Dock Icons

30 Vector Icon Name : Social Bookmarking Vector Icons Set
Icon Description : A nice set of circular Social Networking Icons

31 Vector Icon Name : 3D Social Bookmarking Vector Icons
Icon Description : 3D styled social bookmarking Icons

32 Vector Icon Name : Social Post Stamps Vector-Icons
Icon Description : The icon package contains icons for the following websites: del.icio.us, Designbump, Designfloat, Digg, FlickR, GMail, Google, PayPal, Reddit, RSS, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Twitter.

All icons are available in three different sizes: 32×32, 64×64 and 128×128 px. All icons (except for Digg and del.icio.us) have two versions: With a grey border and with a coloured border.

33 Vector Icon Name : Social Networking Wood – Vector Icons
Icon Description : The set consists of 11 icons in PNG format (64 x 64). It’s free for both personal and commercial projects.

34 Vector Icon Name : Social Icon Stickers
Icon Description : A set of social networking icons in sticker form.

35 Vector Icon Name : 64+ Vector Arrow Icons
Icon Description : 64 little presents – each a freshly made, tasty vector icon.

36 Vector Icon Name : Windows Vector Icons
Icon Description : This particular icon set falls into the window category. Nothing to do with Windows the operating system, but the adjustment of windows, panes, and closure icons.

37 Vector Icon Name : 148 + Vector Icon Set
Icon Description : This 148-icon set contains all crisp-shaped icons that are designed for wide use in web applications, multimedia and software.

38 Vector Icon Name : Mouse Vector Icons
Icon Description : I am not very sure about if the word fashion suits the apple mouse very well, just bring up your opinions.

39 Vector Icon Name : 92 Ravenna Vector Icons
Icon Description : Ravenna is a set of 92 free raster based icons that you can use for your webpages and projects. The icons come available in 9 different sizes, from 16px—16 up to 256px—256 pixels and available as transparent PNG files.

40 Vector Icon Name : Vector Heart Icons
Icon Description : An Illustration of vector Heart with wings. Ideal as a basic for a logo.

41 Vector Icon Name : 150+ Pixelicious Vector Icon Pack
Icon Description : Free For personal & Non-Profit for Commercial Use please contact the author.
42 Vector Icon Name : 131+ Milky Set Vector Icons
Icon Description : This is another lovely set of simple but nice icons happily created by IconEden.com. The Milky set contains more than 131 icons primarily colored in green, giving an eye-pleasant look and prominent display on either dark or bright backgrounds.

43 Vector Icon Name : 59 Fresh-Add-On Vector Icons Set
Icon Description : The Fresh Add-on contains such useful and flexibly applicable icons as application and financial symbols, and the set surely will make your web applications and softwares more atractive and adorable.

44 Vector Icon Name : Mp3 Players Vector Icon Set
Icon Description : dock and desktop replacement icons for your ipod, zune, and some creative mp3 players. 26 icons for PC and MAC.

45 Vector Icon Name : Calender Stamp Vector Icons 1
Icon Description : Calender Stamps

46 Vector Icon Name : Calender Stamp Vector Icons 2
Icon Description : Calender Stamps

47 Vector Icon Name : Calender Stamp Vector Icons 3
Icon Description : Calender Stamps

48 Vector Icon Name : Vector Box Icons
Icon Description : 4 fully scalable box icons. Free for personal and commercial use.

49 Vector Icon Name : HP Vector Icons Set
Icon Description : This deviation seems to be getting the most attention of all my other deviations, so I’ve made this a one-stop visit for all my HydroPRO icons.

50 Vector Icon Name : Apple Mac Monitor Vector Icon
Icon Description : A High-Res. iMac Monitor

51 Vector Icon Name : Sticker Pack 1 – Vector Icons
Icon Description : This collection contains 20 individual sticky icons with large resources for Vista & Leopard.

52 Vector Icon Name : Tasty Starbucks Vector Icons
Icon Description : Two tasty icons of coffee goodness. These two freebies come in the following sizes and formats:
– Sizes: 48 x 48 px; 128 x 128 px; 256 x 256 px; 512 x 512 px
– Formats: PNG (transparent backgrounds); CNS; ICO

53 Vector Icon Name : Vintage Vector Icon Pack
Icon Description : A full set of icons ready for use with mac and pc

54 Vector Icon Name : Cardboard Box Vector Icons
Icon Description : Everybody should have one

55 Vector Icon Name : Apple Mac LCD Screen Vector Icons
Icon Description : The evolution of the iMac contains 6 different iMac icons, including the first iMac from 1998 and the newest model from 2007.

56 Vector Icon Name : MacBook Air and iMac Vector Icons
Icon Description : The first package of my new Apple-Icon Series.

57 Vector Icon Name : Smiley Dev Kit – Vector Icons
Icon Description : If you wanna show off your artwork, join the Smiley Flickr Group and post your smilies. Im curious
58 Vector Icon Name : Sketch’d Up Vector Icons
Icon Description : Brand new sketchy web iconset for you!

59 Vector Icon Name : icOn Stage Vector Icons Set
Icon Description : The icons are available in the .png-format in the resolution 128px—128px. 100% pure shape-based layered PSDs are also included in the package.

60 Vector Icon Name : Sailing Ship Vector Icon
Icon Description : Anyone who wishes to use the icons are free to use them.
61 Vector Icon Name : 30 Vidro Icons
Icon Description : This pack has 30 free vector and png icons in six colors. “Vidro” stands for glass in Portuguese.

62 Vector Icon Name : Free Web Stock Icons
Icon Description : 24 Free Web Stock Icons to use on your webpages or any projects that suits you. They come in 64×64 individual PNG files and are also available in multiple vector formats.

63 Vector Icon Name : Free iPhone Style Icons
Icon Description : I-KID (aka Kidaubis) has offered up some really wonderful icons for the iPhone. Each are very well designed and easy to work with.
64 Vector Icon Name : 120+ Free Hand Drawn Vector Arrows
Icon Description : Huge collection of hand-drawn doodle style icons and arrows.
65 Vector Icon Name : Free Christmas Icon
Icon Description : Large collection of Christmas inspired vector icon graphics.
66 Vector Icon Name : Badges and Trophies Icons
Icon Description : A detailed vector icon pack made up of various badges and trophy images.
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