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A Set of 30 Free Social Icons

We loved giving away the first set of 30 Free Social Icons and with so many requests for people to get their hands on the raw Illustrator files we thought we would add four more icons to the set. You’ve now got the new Design Float, Vimeo, Friends Feed and Stumble icons to enjoy as well now. Comment your requests to see more and we’ll try add these in for next weeks Friday Freebies.

Set of 14 Free Social Icons

Download Free Social Icons Set

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jeena Jul 20, 2009

Amazing style… beautiful icons.

dek Oct 21, 2009

Sorry if this is obvious, but where can we download the icons?

changeups Jan 27, 2010

I’m sitting here scrolling up and down like where the hell is the download link. I still dont se it. am I bugging?

admin Jan 27, 2010

I m really sorry bro.. i just missed the download link… in this post.. but know can download easily…..

Hector Matias Jun 29, 2010


Estos logo son verdadero creativo

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