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Player Framework is an open source video player framework for HTML5, Silverlight, Windows Phone and other application platforms. A comprehensive list of features including easy customization of the UI, plugin models, advertising standards support, W3C timed text (TTML) support for captions and more.

It offers a JavaScript API for controlling the player where the API methods are the …

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First mobile framework on web Lungo.js. A framework, powered with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, for creating mobile web apps.

The applications created with it works in all of the popular platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry and WebOs).

It has support for touch events like tap, double-tap or swipe and doesn’t use images (including the icons) as everything …

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Slider.js is a slidershows latest web technologies engine build with jQuery and the power of CSS Transitions to perform awesome and efficient effects and the HTML5 Canvas to perform some non trivial transitions.

Items can have a text-caption with links and users can browse it with apagination or using the prev-next links.

Basic features

  • Each slide displays the

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MooVES is a MooTools plugin for easing and enhancing the integration of videos from popular video sharing websites ( YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,, facebook, Flickr, Google Video, Megavideo,Metacafe,, MSN, TwitVid, USTREAM, Yahoo Video and etc . It supports also HTML5 video tag features. (beta)

It is unobtrusive and displays the link to the video and a notice if JavaScript …

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by HTML5 & CSS3, Javascript, jQuery

Flexible Nav is a jQuery plugin that can add stylish navigation bar  on the right of the page. It improves a web page navigation and helps to visualize different sections of a document, an article and any web page.

It analyzes the heading tags of the page and displays them on the right side of the page as links by …

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There are lot of jQuery slidershow available but jQuery HTML5 Slidershow using  HTML5 canvas element. As the name implies, this is a special element that allows us to create and modify graphics. In addition, we can also use it like any other element on the page – apply jQuery animations on it, listen for events and integrate it deeply

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Mercury is a full featured HTML5 WYSIWYG Editor. It was built from the ground up to help your team get the most out of content editing in modern browsers.

Mercury editor similar to the popular ones like TinyMCE or CKEditor but with a different usage experience.

Rather than being positioned inside a given element, it appears over the complete

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Patternizer is an easy to use web-based stripe pattern design generator. It’s lots of fun and free!

The application enables us to design a pattern by simply inserting any number of stripes, rotating them and setting their properties like opacity, color, width or offset.

While we are designing the pattern, the application generates a code including the values of

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LinkedIn launched new iPhone, Android and plus a brand new HTML5 mobile apps that are part of the company’s effort to answer that question. In addition to mobile apps, LinkedIn has recently revamped its Groups product and added LinkedIn Today, a social news service for professionals to keep track of business-related topics. These are all designed to make LinkedIn more …

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Kendo UI is a modern framework for HTML UI with the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript standards, it delivers everything needed for client-side, jQuery-powered development in one integrated, compact package.

Modern framework rich, client UI widgets built on jQuery and designed to work across browsers and touchscreen devices. Everything you need for HTML5 UI in a single, compact package.


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