by Google

Google has released an update its Search app for Android. This update brings a lot of changes and improvements over the previous version including the faster and smoother performance.

Official Google blog:
Hot on the heels of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, we’ve updated Google Search for previous versions of Android: it’s all around faster, to get …

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Download twitter iOS app updated to version 4.0 with some new features and enhancements and allows users to connect with friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities on twitter in faster way.

Twitter for iOS has gone further to version 4.0, whilst Twitter for Android has been updated to version 3.0. If you’re either using an iOS device or an Android device …

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jQuery & CSS3 animated calendar app the whole idea was the calendars would become something you subscribe to.

Let’s say you are subscribed to the calendar stream of your school. One of your teachers plans an event, such as a task or a test and adds it to the calendar stream. From the moment the event is added to the …

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by Software & Utilities, Technology

Coordino is an open source “question and answer” application that is created with PHP-MySQL and mimics the functionality of the popular Q&A website StackOverflow.

Coordino allows you to create a question and answer system for you and your users to enjoy.

Whether you are looking to create a niche question and answer site for comic book collecting or looking for …

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by Icons, Mobile App & Software

Darran Morris, a creative mobile app. user interface and icon designer, is sharing a set of 64 free icons. This icon set has been carefully crafted to be pixel perfect on both normal and high resolution mobile applications. The icons contain beautiful shaded portions to give added depth and to highlight icon features. They are meant to go on …

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by Apple, Technology

Popular news network CNN has announced the immediate availability of their mobile application for Apple’s iPad tablet. Intended to duplicate functionality of the network’s website, the application is great for those who are looking for great imagery, news articles, and video (live or recorded).

CNN also allows users to cycle through certain view options, which can display news items …

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by Google, Technology

Google Inc. announced today on The Official Google Reader Blog the introduction of its official Google Reader application for the Android mobile platform. According to Google, the application has been in the works for quite a while now.

As expected, the application includes all the basic features such as unread counts, friends, sharing, liking, and starring. However, Google has also …

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by Apple, Iphone

One of the best Twitter client ÜberTwitter of Blackberry debut on iPhone because of the rapid growth of iOS devices.
ÜberTwitter iPhone app gives options to tweet, retweet, send direct message, link shortening and also allows users to get access to the embedded links of messages right inside the application by opening a new tab windows to view the contents …

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by Technology

Skype Ltd. announced today on the Skype Garage Blog that the official Skype application for Android has been updated to version 1.0.1. The new update comes with several new features and improvements, including support for devices with smaller screen such as the HTC Wildfire.

Version 1.0.1 of Skype for Android is now available in the Android Market. In addition, individuals …

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by Wordpress

WordPress launched first version of wordpress app in 2008 for iPhone. Since than, wordpress added more other platforms as well  including Blackberry and Android. Today wordpress announce wordpress for Nokia smartphone.

WordPress Official words:
“We just passed 1 million mobile users across all platforms, which is not only a huge landmark for us, but for mobile blogging altogether. …

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