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Back in 2005, eBay bought Skype from Joltid. The 2.6 billion dollar price tag did not include the “Global Index P2P software” that Skype is based on. Joltid is trying to cancel the license that Skype uses for this technology. If this happens, the Skype service will be shut down permanently.

Skype is the largest internet …

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The following file conversion sites allows you to convert files of the most common and frequently used file formats. They support almost all kinds of file formats with regard to audio, video, document and image.

Multiple File Format Conversion

1) – Performs online file conversion in a fast and easy manner. No need of registration and it sends the …

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Dick Tracy, eat your heart out. Better yet, do it whilst having a live video chat with someone on the LG GD910.

So, yes – the LG GD910 Wrist phone does video chat. Unfortunately, all signs point at this thing costing roughly the same as a down payment on a new Honda, and it’s pretty likely that the video …

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Looking over the top 10 paid iPhone apps list today, the list appeared pretty typical: A bunch of games, a camera app, etc. Then I noticed one called Offender Locator [iTunes link], mostly because it has a creepy icon. I figured it was a game — it’s anything but. It’s an app to show you registered sex offenders …

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Depending on your needs and professional skills, the choice of an optimal weblog engine can be quite time-consuming. There are many options, and selecting the best engine, you should know exactly what you’d like to have and which level of flexibility you’d like to achieve.

Among dozens of options, WordPress remains the most popular weblog engine out there. It is …

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To manage your followers or friends on twitter is not an easy task. To be successful on twitter you have to analyze different things. You should know how active your followers are, do they retweet your tweets, do they update regularly and you should know those whom you are following are following you.

To manage all above things there are …

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Here is a working trick that will help you in getting more and more Twitter followers. In this post I am going to explain you that how you can add a Twitter badge to your blog or site that slides down automatically when you scroll down the web page.

This is how the badge will look :

So here is …

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Microsoft announced the official launch of Expression® Studio 3, a suite of professional design tools for creating Rich Internet Applications. This announcement comes shortly after the July 10th Silverlight 3 launch and the availability of the release candidate for Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow. It is super exciting for us on the Expression Web, Expression Design, Expression

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Motorola really wants you to develop for Android handsets. More specifically, they really want you to develop for Motorola-made Android handsets. That’s why they’ve launched MOTODEV, an Android development resource for crackin’ out apps purposed for Motorola handsets.

It’s a two-part initiative, one seemingly a bit more exclusive than the other. If you can get into Motorola’s “App Accelerator …

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Mixx, the Digg-like site that got a total makeover earlier this year, is launching a new site today that takes a different approach to surfacing hot links: Twitter. The site is fittingly called TweetMixx , and it’s currently in private beta.

TweetMixx works by skimming through tweets and looking for links. The more times a given link appears on

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