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Gelsheet is a free and open source web-based PHP spreadsheets application.

It is born as a module of Feng Office (OpenGoo) and comes in 3 versions; standalone, WP plugin and Feng Office plugin.

The application offers a desktop-like interface and capable of handling multiple documents with in-cell formulas, styling of content and exporting them to multiple formats.

Requirements: PHP…

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jQuery File Upload is an awesome jQuery plugin for creating a flexible and user-friendly upload functionality with ease.

The plugin support multiple file selection and drag & drops. It can display a preview of images to be uploaded and progress bars exist to inform users.

Plugin works with any server-side platform (Google App Engine, PHP, Python, Ruby …

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Kimai is a free open source time tracker web app.

It is a PHP-powered, web application that enables us to define projects/tasks and record the time we work on each item.

Although it is web-based interface it run cross-platform, the timer keeps working even if the browser is closed unless it is stopped.

It tracks work time and …

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Disk Usage Reports is a free and open source PHP application for displaying and checking website disk usage.

Managing your disk usage can be hard, especially when you’re hosting someone else’s files. The more complex things get, the more insecure they become. Reports are completely static, so there is no chance of server-side vulnerabilities.

The application can collect the

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Sigma.js is an open-source JavaScript library for graphs drawing using HTML5 canvas.

It is built for to consuming static or dynamic and interactive network maps wiith unlimited nodes on a web page. Display interactively static graphs exported from a graph visualization software.

The library is standalone, can be extended with plugins (GEFX parser and ForceAtlas2 layout algorithm are …

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Chico UI is an open source free jquery user interface web tools to ease developing for developers and designers.

Built on top of jQuery these tools brings known interaction patterns for your website taking advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 features.

The components include auto-complete, blink, calendar, carousel, countdown, date-picker, dropdown, expando, form, top navigation, validation, zoom and more.

There is …

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shareNice is social sharing widget similar to AddThis or ShareThis  for adding sharing features to any website easily.

It focuses on the privacy of users, doesn’t place any cookies or share any information with 3rd party services.

There is built-in support for most of the popular social websites (Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc.) and, considering the source is available, new …

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Mozilla has released its web browser update Firefox 11 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Firefox 11 final includes new features and fixes to improve the performance and user experience over the web.

Now with this fresh creation of Firefox 11.0 beta 1 you can transfer Chrome bookmarks, history, modernized media controls for HTML5 video, support for the CSS …

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Apple has released update for its web browser Safari 5.1.4 for Windows & Mac with some improving JavaScript performance on OS X Lion in particular, and adding several new enhancements and tweaks in the Snow Leopard version of the browser, as well as on Windows.

In addition to improving JavaScript performance on OS X 10.7, Safari 5.1.4 improves responsiveness …

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CSS sprites are great for minimizing the number of requests our websites perform by collecting multiple images in a single one and displaying the appropriate ones using background-position.

However, once the images are placed on a canvas, finding the positions of each item is a time-consuming process.

SpritePad is an impressive web application (which is free) that simplifies the whole …

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