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ShareKit is an open source package for quickly adding share features to any iOS application with just 3 lines of code. It supports popular services like Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, e-mail and more.

The kit enables sharing images, URLs or files and only displays the appropriate services for the type of the content.

ShareKit has a customizable UI to …

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Several Tweets have surfaced within the last day or so unofficially confirming the delay of Apple’s iOS 4.0.1/ iOS 4.1 mobile operating system. The reason? Cupertino-based Apple is allegedly taking some extra time to patch up the exploit which allows consumers to jailbreak their iOS 4.0 devices.

In addition, claims are made that Apple is awaiting the release of the…

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Opera has rolled out the latest update for their Opera Mini mobile browser. The update brings the version up to 5.1, so its basically a smaller point release. That said, those who are using Opera Mini 5.1 may not see any major changes. Of course, that is not to say nothing was changed. Read on for some details on …

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Adobe posted today a video on the Adobe Flash Platform Blog, in which Adobe Technical Evangelist Ted Patrick demos Flash Player 10.1 on the upcoming Motorola Droid X. Patrick shows off a couple of Flash-based games and an AP World Cup Application, which is also Flash-based.

The company corroborates that Flash Player 10.1 will be made available on …

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A recently Google Mobile Official blog post by Google sums it up quite nicely: the Google Mobile application is now officially available for iPad users worldwide, allowing them to harness and concentrate the beauty of ‘Googling’ on their 9.7-inch multitouch displays.

Google Mobile Official Blog Says:

Google pleased to announce that a new iPad-friendly version of Google Mobile App is …

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iPhone OS 4.0 has been jailbroken! Yes, it’s true. It’s not even a day since Apple announced iPhone OS 4.0 and released iPhone OS 4.0 developers preview and the legendary dev-team member Musclenerd has posted a video to show jailbroken iPhone OS 4.0.

Of course, the iPhone OS 4.0 jailbreak will be released when the firmware 4.0 is out …

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It hasn’t been long since popular social bookmarking website Digg launched their iPhone application, and already, it’s now updated to version 1.1.0. No new features in this one, but users can expect a series of stability and bug fixes.

Chris Howard, who published a post on Wednesday with regard to the update noted the following as key changes in …

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It likely comes as no big surprise that Apple’s iPhone OS has been at the top of the mobile web space game since 2008. The company’s market share at one point approached 70% of the mobile web, and showed no signs of slowing down — until now.

Mobile advertising firm AdMob has released their latest statistics on the state of …

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Verizon Wireless might finally begin rolling out the much awaited OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 on Monday, March 29. It’s not entirely clear at this point which exact version of the platform it will be released. Though according to some leaked information, that may or may not be legitimate, OS might be the version to be rolled …

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An alleged screenshot of a Sprint internal document may suggest that HTC Hero owners may be receiving the Android 2.1 update as soon as April 9th, 2010. The shot outlines a series of issues customers may encounter, along with suggested courses of action for the folks manning the phones.

A document presented in the fashion is easily faked, so we’re …

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