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Codrops, creating a CSS3 slideshow with a parallax effect with the help of some CSS3 properties. We’ll use radio buttons and sibling combinators for controlling which slide is shown. There will be two backgrounds and the idea is to change the background positions and the position of the slider with transitions in order to create a slight parallax …

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Hakim El Hattab (, a very talented developer and programmer, has created a set of awesome scrolling effects with CSS.

The effects are all CSS-only and a simple JavaScript function helps attaching/removing classes to elements.

Currently, there are 10+ effects and, as expected, they are WebKit + Firefox-only but degrade nicely on incompatible browsers.

You should also check the …

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Responsive CSS3 Slider without JavaScript created by Ian Hansson, a designer/developer from London.

Its much like to JavaScript sliders; works by floating all of the content areas (articles) next to each other and hides the overflow. After that, animating the margin of the inner <div> gives us the next item. so if we have 5 articles, moving the left-margin …

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HTML Canvas Javascript Library is a full-featured lightweight wrapper library of the native html canvas element written in Javascript, aimed to make visualization and animation using canvas simpler. Features animation support, layers, event capture, multitouch and many examples.

It has easy-to-use and consistent methods that are capable of handling tasks like:


  • Full wrapper of the canvas element
  • Simple, consistent
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There are many CSS frameworks that help creating responsive layouts very quickly and easily. is a modern grid system for web & mobile  design one which is mainly built for rapid prototyping and offers more room compared to the popular by widening the gutter space.

The 978 grid system uses 12 columns at 54px, with extra roomy …

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CSS sprites are great for minimizing the number of requests our websites perform by collecting multiple images in a single one and displaying the appropriate ones using background-position.

However, once the images are placed on a canvas, finding the positions of each item is a time-consuming process.

SpritePad is an impressive web application (which is free) that simplifies the whole …

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The CSS3 Test is a web-based test utility for check CSS3 properties which are supported by the browser being used.

It checks many features like backgrounds/borders, transitions, media queries, fonts, animations and much more.

You may also check:

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Bear CSS is a free web application for web desginers. It generates a CSS stylesheet with all the elements, ids and classes from a given HTML file.

The app is mostly useful for projects with a pretty long HTML and it would be better if Bear CSS had asked which items to include inside the stylesheet just after the …

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by HTML5 & CSS3, Software & Utilities

Flotr2 is an open source library for drawing HTML5 canvas charts and graphs which is a fork of the popular flotr without the dependency of Prototype JS framework and has many improvements.

The library is framework independent and has support for line, bar, candle, pie and bubble charts.


  • Mobile support
  • Framework independent
  • Extensible plugin framework
  • Custom chart types
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Zocial has released beautiful semantic set of CSS buttons & icons (no images used) that are beautified with @font-face icons.

There are 40+ CSS buttons & icons including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, PayPal, LinkedIn and much more.

Each button can be displayed with or without text (only icons) and the HTML element wrapping them can be anything (which is nice …

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