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ADR Studio designed Apple iWatch concept and shared its pictures and couple of weeks ago ADR studio also introduced an iPhone SJ concept design which according to designer was inspired by Apple’s ex CEO late Steve Jobs and now after two years they have posted pictures of Apple iWatch2 concept with some features descriptions, whereas no original iWatch was launched …

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There were so many tech gadgets and toys that rolled out in the year 2011. It’s really hard to pick best from them. So in this post we’ve selected five best tech gadgets of 2011. We hope you agree with the choices.

So enjoy and let us know what do you think about these best gadgets.

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Sony enters into tablet market with the announcement of a pair of Sony Tablets with the code name S1 and S2 which will be available in fall 2011 and run over Android OS 3.0 Honeycomb.

The 9.4-inch S 1 media tablet will be integrated with touch panel UI, front and rear cameras by having a curved wrap design, and Tegra …

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Research In Motion (RIM) will bring BlackBerry Tablet to the market by the end of this year or in Q1,2011. Since long time ago RIM’s tablet was in rumors but now according to Ashok Kumar note, who is an analyst and managing director at Rodman & Renshaw:
“Research In Motion (RIMM, Market Perform) is trying to pull forward the …

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Stuart Hughes who is famous for the world’s most luxurious communication and gadgets ornamental veneer now brings iPhone 4 Diamond Edition.

This Iphone 4 Diamond Edition comes with a large price tag though! The phone will cost $20,000 dollars. This is a large amount of cash just for an iPhone full of diamonds on the sides and back. If …

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Skype recent deal with Verizone Wireless, Verizon has now put together a short video discussing all the great things you can do with Skype Mobile. Starting this month the Droid, Droid Eris, and Devour handsets will come loaded with the “new” feature that allows for calls anywhere in the world without using minutes. Skype Mobile will surely be …

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iCall, a service that allows for free calls on the desktop, web and iPhone, has come across an interesting revelation in the new iPhone/iPad SDK released earlier today: Apple has dropped the restriction that made it impossible to have VoIP calls over 3G.

In a news release, the company declared that it is now “the first and …

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The Apple iPhone has got a full size physical qwerty keyboard thanks to a new accessory from Ion.

ION, the company that normally makes LP turntables that let you digitize your record collection have turned their efforts to a new accessory that gives you the power to type considerably quicker than using the on-screen offering.

The catch, there is …

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Translate text, webpage, or document

Get translation with a single click and google translate make your webpage, text, or document instantly available in other languages.

you can also add google translate gadget in your website or blog to instant access to automatic translation of the page.

Languages available for translation:

  • Afrikaans

  • Albanian

  • Arabic

  • Belarusian

  • Bulgarian

  • Catalan

  • Chinese

  • Croatian

  • Czech

  • Danish
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Before when you found a business in Google Maps and then switched to Street View to get a quick glance at what it’ll actually look like when you got there, you had no way of knowing which building was actually the business in question.

Google today introduced some changes to its Street View function that makes it easier to spot …

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